Unlicensed releases

Releases in Third World countries are usually unlicensed. Rights are not paid to and arrangements are not made with the labels and publishers who own the rights to Morrissey's music. The quality of the packaging for these releases is often subpar and the musical content is often scrambled or extended with songs from other albums/singles. Cassettes sold on the streets of Indonesia, Saudi Arabia or Thailand are the best examples. Most of these releases are listed under their respective titles elsewhere in this discography. Whatever can not be listed elsewhere is found here.


"Best Collection Of Morrissey" [Singapore?, Billboard cs: 05-82034]
This cassette from an unknown South East Asian country (possibly Singapore) pairs the tracks from both "Viva Hate" and "Kill Uncle" albums with the artwork from "Kill Uncle".

"Your Arsenal" [(Middle East Country?), GL Label cs: G7478]
This cassette features 23 tracks mostly from the "Viva Hate", "Kill Uncle" and "Your Arsenal" albums, with the "Your Arsenal" artwork and title.

"Best Of Morrissey" [Saudi Arabia, Thomsun cs: ENB-1576]
This cassette features 26 tracks taken mostly from the "Viva Hate", "Bona Drag" and "Kill Uncle" albums as well as the "Interesting Drug" and "Piccadilly Palare" singles. The artwork is a yellow variation of the "Kill Uncle" album artwork.

"Morrissey" [(China?) (label?) (catalogue number?)]
A double cd-set in a wooden box released in some unspecified Asian country (probably China) features 19 songs from Morrissey's "You Are The Quarry" and "Ringleader Of The Tormentors" albums on one cd, as well as songs by other artists on a second cd.


Russians/Polish flexis

It is nearly impossible to keep an exhaustive list of these flexis because they exist for so many songs of Morrissey's catalogue, each in more than one colour. They are not official releases, the sound quality is not very good and the songs usually fade out before the end.