"You Are The Quarry" [original edition]
May 2004


America Is Not The World
Irish Blood, English Heart
I Have Forgiven Jesus
Come Back To Camden
I'm Not Sorry
The World Is Full Of Crashing Bores
How Can Anybody Possibly Know How I Feel?
First Of The Gang To Die
Let Me Kiss You
All The Lazy Dykes
I Like You
You Know I Couldn't Last

Argentina CD [Attack/Sanctuary ATKCD001]
Australia CD [Attack/Sanctuary ATKCD001]
Brazil CD [Attack/Sanctuary ATKCD001]
Canada CD [Attack/Sanctuary 86001-2]
Chile CD+DVD [Attack/Sanctuary/BMG Chile 86001-2]
Europe CD [Attack/Sanctuary ATKCD001]
Europe CD+DVD [Attack/Sanctuary ATKDX001]
Europe LP [Attack/Sanctuary ATKLP001]
Japan CD [Attack/Sanctuary BVCM-41002]
Japan CD+DVD [Attack/Sanctuary BVCM-47013/4]
Korea CD [Attack/Sanctuary/Ales ALESCD 2047]
Mexico CD [Attack/BMG Entertainment Mexico 86001 2]
Philippines CD [Attack/Sanctuary/Universal ATKCD001]
Russia CD [Attack/Sanctuary ATKDX001]
Russia CD [Attack/BMG Russia 82876 66573 2]
Russia CS [Sanctuary/BMG Russia 82876 66573 4]
Singapore CD [Attack/EQ Music EA 70527]
Taiwan CD+DVD [Ales Music ATKDX001]
Thailand CD [Attack/Phantom Records ATKCD001]
USA CD (jewelcase) [Attack/Sanctuary 86001-2]
USA CD (gatefold sleeve) [Attack/Sanctuary 86002-2]
USA CD+DVD [Attack/Sanctuary 86003-2]
USA CD [BMG Direct 86001-2/D152741; record club edition]
USA LP [Attack/Sanctuary 86001-1]

Special edition:
A Deluxe Edition of this album featuring bonus tracks and videos was released later in the year. Full details here.


Additional information:
In Europe, the USA and Japan, a limited edition of this album includes a bonus DVD featuring the video to the song "Irish Blood, English Heart", lyrics and a photo gallery. This limited edition is packaged inside a LP-style gatefold oversized sleeve. In Taiwan the album is only available as a set with the DVD, never without. The latter is packaged in a digipack in slipcase. In Korea the video for "Irish Blood, English Heart" is found on the enhanced cd.

In the USA, a limited edition cd was sold inside the gatefold CD+DVD packaging, but without the DVD.

Europe LP is limited to 5000 copies and numbered. The USA LP is even more limited but it is not numbered.

Japan cd includes "It's Hard To Walk Tall When You're Small" and "The Never Played Symphonies" as bonus tracks. These tracks were first released as b-sides to the "Irish Blood, English Heart" single.

The Korea edition of this album includes an extra lyrics and sleeve notes booklet (in Korean, view in left frame). The multimedia cd includes the video to "Irish Blood, English Heart". The packaging is a digipack sleeve slipped inside a deluxe picture box. The limited edition comes with a poster and a cup (view in left frame).

Jerry Finn was nominated for best producer for work on this album in the 2004 Q Awards.


Artwork information:
Morrissey, photographed by Greg Gorman. In the USA and Canada, the artwork for the cd-only regular edition in jewelcase was cropped not to show the gun. This is usually referred to as the 'clean' edition (note: the lyrics on the clean edition are the same as on the others, they were not censored). See Morrissey quote on the subject at the bottom of this page.


Additional release date information:
Ireland: 14 May 2004
UK/Europe: 17 May 2004
USA/Canada: 18 May 2004
Japan CD: 26 May 2004
Japan CD+DVD: 9 June 2004

Chart peak information:
UK: 2
Australia: 64
Austria: 24
Belgium: 14
Canada: 37
Denmark: 13
Finland: 8
France: 21
Germany: 7
Holland: 30
Ireland: 3
Italy: 32
Norway: 5
Portugal: 10
Spain: 42
Sweden: 1
Switzerland: 63
USA: 11


Certified Gold in the UK on 11 June 2004
Certified Platinum in the UK in September 2004


UK (and parts of Europe): A promo cd (ATKPR001) was sent to radio slipped inside a card sleeve, with the usual stock album artwork on the front and titles and promo-only information on the back. A specially pressed interview cd was also sent to radio here and there, such as in Greece. This interview cd, available in different versions, is discussed more thoroughly in the 'interview discs' section of this website. A various artists CD-Rom included with a May 2004 issue of the Sunday Times included snippets of 6 songs from this album.

Argentina: Promotional compact discs are stamped "Venta Prohibida". "Irish Blood, English Heart" was included on a various artists radio promo cd numbered PCD523, possibly for promotion of this album. Soon after "First Of The Gang To Die" was included on a similar promo cd. Finally the same later happened with "I Have Forgiven Jesus" (PCD538).

Chile: "Irish Blood, English Heart" was included on a BMG Chile various artists sampler cd titled "CD Promocional 279" (CD279). "First Of The Gang To Die" was included on a BMG Chile various artists sampler cd titled "CD Promocional 281" (CD281).

France: A 5-track sampler of the album was produced by BMG France for promotion. This didn't have colour artwork, only the 5 titles in black text over the white inlay. Tracks on the sampler: "America Is Not The World", "Irish Blood, English Heart", "I Have Forgiven Jesus", "Come Back To Camden" and "I'm Not Sorry".

Ireland: A BMG Ireland interview cd featuring a recent KROQ interview of Morrissey was distributed for promotion.

Japan: A BMG Japan promo cd was distributed to media at the time of release of the album. The front shows the album's artwork alongside credits, release date and plugger info, all in Japanese. Stickered editions of both the regular cd and the limited edition with DVD were also used for promotional purposes. The regular edition has a red and white promo sticker on the back and a big information sticker on the front.

Thailand: European were marked for promotion in Thailand by having a promo warning stamped on the cd's inner ring. Thai copies have also been made into promos by being stamped.

USA: Stock editions of the compact disc and the vinyl album were dispatched with the barcodes punched out or marked. The videos for "Irish Blood, English Heart" and "First Of The Gang To Die" were sent together on a promo video in a black die-cut box. They were also included together on a various artists sampler DVD titled "Sanctuary Records 4th Quarter Video Reel". In early 2005, "I Like You" was included on a Sanctuary sampler (SANDJ-85694-2).



"I have been quarry for so many years. And people have taken so many repeated pot-shots at me. So yes, I feel heavily bruised. But this time around I feel that the album represents something which is actually deeper than mere revenge and manages to rise above settling all those old scores. I do feel as if I have been been somewhat victimised. Which really isn't amusing."
- Morrissey, June 2004 issue of Mojo

"In the US the Walmart outlet will not accept You are the Quarry because I am holding a gun on the cover shot. Since Walmart surprisingly account for an enormous percentage of sales, a cut-down version of the CD photograph is pressed where only my bewildered face is shown, which isn't attractive in the least. Although this pressing is designed for Walmart only, it somehow seeps into the entire market and still survives today as the iTunes official artwork for You are the Quarry. Sigh times five thousand.
- Morrissey, "Autobiography".