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official interview seven inches

This flexi was given away with early copies of the Smiths' Japanese debut LP. It features an interview with Morrissey conducted by Yuko Takano. Topics: origins of the band name, formation of the band, flowers at gigs, lyrics and influence, having an image, the upcoming debut album, signing to Rough Trade.


official interview twelve inches

This served as a promotional item for the Smiths' "Meat Is Murder" album in the USA. Titled The Warner Bros Music Show (WBMS130), this record features Morrissey commenting on each song from "Meat Is Murder" between musical excerpts. Though not on the album, the song "Shakespeare's Sister" is also discussed. The record was distributed in a generic die cut sleeve, only the label is displayed here. It was pressed in rather small quantities for radio stations only, and is very much sought after by collectors.


official interview compact discs

The 6 March 1997 edition of American magazine Rolling Stone featured a Joni Mitchell interview by Morrissey. The audio of this interview is featured on this promotional cd (PRO-CD-8610) distributed around the release of her "Hits" and "Misses" albums. This cd didn't have any front artwork, only the cd's label is displayed here.

This interview cd was given away in the USA with early copies of the "Maladjusted" album, in selected shops.

This interview cd was sent to radio stations around the release of Morrissey's "Maladjusted" album as a promotional tool. It also features snippets of the songs "Maladjusted" and "Alma Matters"

This interview cd was distributed around the time Morrissey's "You Are The Quarry" album was released. It features a recent interview to Los Angeles radio station KROQ. Some copies have alternate labels to the one displayed here. In Ireland the cd has the BMG Ireland logo and black text over the silver background. Another alternate label has black text over silver, but has the Attack logo instead of the BMG one.


official interview dvd's

Entretien à Rome. The issue of French magazine Les Inrockuptibles that went on sale on 14 April 2006 included a bonus DVD featuring a Morrissey interview by Dave Fanning.

This rockumentary titled Inside The Smiths released in July 2007 and directed by Stephen Petricco and Mark Standley follows bass player Andy Rourke and drummer Mike Joyce across England, Europe and America and features in depth interviews with the pair. (UK Tibstreet, TSF1959)

The bonus DVD included in the CD+DVD edition of Morrissey's album "Years Of Refusal" featured a Morrissey interview by Russell Brand titled "Wrestle With Russell".



The video "MTV Year In Rock 94" features a 5-minute newspiece on Morrissey's record signing session in Philadelphia at the time of release of the album "Vauxhall & I".

The compilation album And They All Lived Happily Ever After by the Television Personalities includes a 2-minute audio excerpt of Morrissey and Paul Weller reviewing this band's "A Sense Of Belonging" single, from BBC Radio 1' "Round Table" program, in 1983.

The DVD release of this documentary about New York Dolls member Arthur "Killer" Kane, titled New York Doll, includes a 20-minute interview with Morrissey. Bits of Morrissey interview also appear in the main feature.