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Note: The term 'unofficial' is used here instead of 'bootleg' because most of these were sold in legitimate record shops. They are referred to as 'unofficial' because they were not sanctioned by the record label nor Morrissey.


unofficial interview twelve inches

This picture disc 12" features an interview taken from Australian radio (conducted in London, perhaps for London radio originally) from around the period of the release of the "Meat Is Murder" album. (Baktabak, BAK2013).

This picture disc 12" released by Red Door features a telephone interview by Bob Pearce. The interview is incorrectly labelled as being from 1981. This is occasionally seen slipped inside a "Tell Tales" sleeve.

This is a reissue of the Bob Pearce interview mentioned above, with different pictures on the disc. (MM1207)

Casual is an interview 12" available on blue or orange vinyl (Baktabak, BAK6015 - blue variation displayed). The featured interview is the same one from Australian Radio as featured on the BAK2013 interview disc listed at the top of this page. This was also released on cassette under the same title (see below), as well as on an untitled quadruple 7" set (bakpak1018; see below) and an untitled compact disc (CBAK4025; see below).

Catalogue number ZUFG009. This interview was released on compact disc in the Conversation Disc Series (listed below as ABCD017).


unofficial interview seven inches

This is an untitled interview 7" which contains the same material as the Bob Pearce interview Red Door picture disc above (SMITHS7P).

This is the same as above, but instead of being picture discs, the records are on white vinyl and the same photos are printed onto the labels (SMITHS7C).

This interview 7" was given away with issue 3 of Spiral Scratch magazine from December 1988. This is the same interview as the "Morrissey Talks" disc (further down), but includes additional material. (SCRATCH 3).

Gold vinyl 7" featuring an interview from late 1983 or very early 1984 (catalogue number SMITHS1).

Morrissey talks is a numbered interview picture disc 7" featuring an interview done by a group of fanzine reporters and published in the NME (Cross Talk, CT04). Some copies have been seen on green, red, clear and black vinyl (the latter has a white label).

This hangable set of four picture 7"s features the same Australian radio interview as the "Casual" 12" listed above, the "Casual" cassette listed below and an untitled compact disc also listed below. The interview is split over the eight sides of these four 7"s. (Bakpak1018).


unofficial interview cassettes

The is the cassette counterpart to the Casual interview 12" listed above (MBAK6015), featuring an interview of Morrissey made for Australian radio. The interview is also available on a quadruple 7" set (untitled, see above) and compact disc (untitled, see below).


unofficial interview compact discs

From The Conversation Disc Series, this was the first ever interview cd for Morrissey or the Smiths. It features a 20-minute interview with Morrissey done by an American lady in London from early 1984 and the full 45-minute interview from Earsay from July 1984 (1988, ABCD017). It is a reissue of the interview 12" numbered ZUFG009, listed above.

This is a cd reissue of the "Casual" interview 12" and cassette both listed above, featuring a 35-minute interview given by Morrissey to Australian radio (Baktabak, CBAK4025). Some copies were unofficially paired with the 1995 "Ask" cd-single reissue.

This interview cd titled Ask Me, Ask Me, Ask Me features the same 20-minute interview also featured at the start of the Conversation Disc CD and ZUFG009 12" both listed above. The cd has flower holograms on the side containing the music (Holoview, 3D008).

This cd titled The Smiths, The Interview / Johnny Marr in Conversation features an interview with Johnny Marr broadcast by KROQ radio in Los Angeles on 28 May 1987 (1998, Speek014).

A Morrissey/Smiths interview cd titled Conversationalist was sold at the April 1998 Morrissey convention in Los Angeles. It comprises two Morrissey interviews, one from 9th February 1990 and the other from the summer of 1998, as well as another of Andy Rourke and Mike Joyce from 21 February 1997. Each of these interviews were done by Richard Blade at KROQ radio station in Los Angeles.

Maximum Morrissey and the Smiths. This interview cd released in 2004 includes a biography, interviews and a mini-poster. (ABCD179)

Morrissey The Lowdown. This double cd set released in 2008 includes the "Maximum Morrissey and the Smiths" cd mentioned above and a second cd of various previously heard interviews. (Sexy Intellectual SXYCD020)

The Smiths - The CD Collector's Box is a 2009 3-cd box set of (very likely) previously released interviews with Morrissey and collaborators. The box also includes posters, postcards and booklets. (Chrome Dreams)


unofficial interview DVDs

The Jewel In The Crown. This DVD released in 2004 charts Morrissey's early solo career through interviews of people who have worked with him between the Smiths and Th'Lads, like Stephen Street or Vini Reilly. It includes no music or interview from Morrissey himself. (UK PAL-region 0: Chrome Dreams CVIS373 / USA NTSC-region 0: MVD ??)

Under Review. This 90-minute documentary DVD released in 2006 covers the story of The Smiths. It features musical performances, videos, television appearances, interviews with the band, and expert comments and reviews. It includes contributions from Stephen Street, John Porter, Kenny Jones, Craig Gannon, Mark Simpson, Paul Morley, Nigel Williamson, Jake Kennedy, John Robb, Tony Wilson, Grant Showbiz, David Jensen amongst others. (UK PAL-region 0: Chrome Dreams/MVD SIDVD504)

Still Ill. This DVD released in March 2007 features three interviews with Morrissey and Johnny Marr conducted during the Smiths days. The first is the full 43-minute Earsay interview of Morrissey from 1984. The second is a 21-minute interview of Johnny Marr conducted in Bath during the recording of the album "Strangeways Here We Come". The third interview is a 31-minute one with Morrissey, on the eve of the release of "Strangeways Here We Come". The latter two interviews had originally been distributed on video under the title "In Conversation" to promote the latter album. (UK PAL-region 0: MVD ?? / USA NTSC-region 0: MVD ??)

The Queen Is Dead Under Review. This documentary DVD on the making of the Smiths' classic album "The Queen Is Dead" was released in the summer of 2008. It features rare footage of The Smiths, studio and live recordings of every track on the album, revealing interviews with band members and many others who worked with them on the record, footage of and comment on the pivotal influences on the music and lyrics, and comment, criticism and review from engineer and co-producer Stephen Street, guitarist Craig Gannon, Tony Wilson, Johnny Rogan, Len Browne, Professor Steven Logan, Brett Anderson, Gavin Hopps, Douglas Noble and Smiths' road manager Grant Showbiz. (UK PAL-region 0: Sexy Individual SIDVD538). This was also given for free with issue of the Independent in Ireland in September 2009.

Morrissey From Where He Came To Where He Went / With And Without The Smiths. Released March 2009. Features the material originally released on "The Jewel In The Crown" and "Under Review" (listed above). (USA NTSC-region 0: Video Music Inc)

The Solo Years. Released June 2009. This is a repackaging of "The Jewel In The Crown" listed above. (USA NTSC-region 0: United States Of Dist./Ka)


unofficial interview downloads

Interview by Mat Snow. 1989 interview released in October 2007 (audio).