"Years Of Refusal"
February 2009


Something Is Squeezing My Skull
Mama Lay Softly On The Riverbed
Black Cloud
I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris
All You Need Is Me
When Last I Spoke To Carol
That's How People Grow Up
One Day Goodbye Will Be Farewell
It's Not Your Birthday Anymore
You Were Good In Your Time
Sorry Doesn't Help
I'm OK By Myself

UK CD [Polydor/Decca 4781435]
UK LP [Polydor/Decca 4781581]
Argentina CD [Polydor/Universal 4781656]
Australia CD [Polydor/Decca 4781435]
Brazil CD [Polydor/Decca 02894781435]
Canada CD [Polydor/Decca 4781656]
China(?) CD [Polydor/Universal 4781656 (standard jewelcase)] Europe CD [Polydor/Decca 4781655 (super jewelcase)]
Europe CD+DVD [Polydor/Decca SKL6013/4781580]
Indonesia CD [Polydor/Decca 478 165-6]
Japan CD [Universal UICO1162]
Japan CD+DVD [Universal UICO9046]
Korea CD [Universal/Decca DR6068]
Malaysia CD [Polydor/Decca 4781657 (standard jewelcase)]
Malaysia CD [Polydor/Decca 4781656 (super jewelcase)]
Malaysia CD+DVD [Polydor/Decca 4781580]
Mexico CD [Polydor/Decca SKL6012/4781435 (super jewelcase; some with alt cover)] Philippines CD [Polydor/Decca 02894781650]
Poland CD [Polydor/Decca 4781657]
Russia CD [Universal/Polydor 460502670128]
Taiwan CD [Polydor/Universal 478165-6 (super jewelcase)]
Thailand CD [Polydor/Decca 4781656]
USA CD [Lost Highway/Attack B0012578 02]
USA LP [Lost Highway/Attack B0012578 01]


Additional information:
The Special Edition of the album includes a bonus DVD featuring "Wrestle With Russell" (an interview/discussion between Morrissey and Russell Brand), the live performance of "That's How People Grow Up" on television programme Friday Night With Jonathan Ross, the live performance of "All You Need Is Me" on the television programme Later With Jools Holland, and the promotional video of "All You Need Is Me".

People who preordered the album through iTunes USA also received "Shame Is The Name" and "Because Of My Poor Education", both b-sides on the album's first single "I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris". After the release of the album "Shame Is The Name" was still included with purchases of the complete album.

The Japanese CD+DVD edition is actually the European one with an obi card around it.

The USA LP was sold with a bonus 7" single of "I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris" (European edition) in select stores. However many copies were also given away with purchases of the cd, or with no purchase at all.

The European LP has 6 songs on each side, but the American one has 7 songs on side A and 5 on side B. They still have the same running order.


Artwork information:
Cover by Jakes Walters. The baby is Sebastien Pesel-Browne, who is the son of Morrissey's assistant tour manager Charlie Browne. A close-up of Morrissey's arm and the baby in a different pose appears inside the album, along with a photo of the band members by Travis Shinn and a 1914 still-life painting of fruit by A. Fuentes, titled "Bodegon Con Jarra de Vino". The cover font was inspired by the one used on the cover of Herb Alpert's "South Of The Border" album.


Etchings on vinyl:
There are no etchings on the vinyl editions of this album, but the words "shame is the name" appear between the runout grooves of the UK/Euro cd label artwork which is a mock-up of a 45rpm record.


Additional release date information:
UK: 16 February 2009
Germany: 13 February 2009
Holland: 13 February 2009
Ireland: 13 February 2009
Japan: 13 or 25 February 2009
USA: 17 February 2009


Chart peak information:
UK: 3
Austria: 24:
Belgium: 42:
Denmark: 4
Finland: 10
France: 29:
Germany: 4
Greece: 23
Ireland: 12
Italy: 25
Mexico: 29
Netherlands: 52
Norway: 6
Spain: 16
Sweden: 5
USA: 11


UK: gold [2009]


UK: Stock copies of the album with a one-page press release were the main means of promotion. Decca promo cds inside a black and white track listing insert with red warnings on each side and recipient identification were used for a different level of promotion. The Polydor promo cd with a black and white titles/release date insert is a fake.

Argentina: Promotional cds are stock copies stamped 'venta prohibita'.

Australia: Advance promotional cds were housed in a clear plastic slipcase with a double sided artwork insert.

Germany: A promo dvd featuring the "Wrestle With Russell" interview from the bonus DVD was sent to the relevent media.

Thailand: Promo editions of this album have "promo not for sale" written on the cd's inner ring.

USA: Promo copies of this album were stock copies with a hole punched in the barcode and were distributed with a press kit. A one-track promo cd of "I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris", with generic Lost Highway artwork on label and front was distributed for the promotion of this album (Lost Highway/Attack MRNR-02891-2). A one-track Attack/Lost Highway DVD-r featuring the song's video was also distributed for promotional purposes.



In a 2009 interview to German magazine Der Spiegel, when questioned about the artwork, Morrissey said: "I want to show with that portrait that I've become softer. Sebastien, that's the little one's name, represents that very nicely: the opening of my heart and the protection of the child from the world out there. A lot about me has become more smooth, more relaxed. I never belonged to any gang, I've simply refused to often in my life, I was always at war with the world. Now I'm a lot more tolerant towards myself and towards others than ever before and that was important to me."

In an interview published in the February 2009 issue of German Rolling Stone magazine, Morrissey said of the inclusion of "That's How People Grow Up" and "All You Need Is Me": "The album was supposed to be released much earlier. These two songs belong on the album, they are part of the whole. By some strange accident they also ended up on 'Greatest Hits', but they definitely belong on 'Years'.".