"Maladjusted" [original edition]
August 1997


Alma Matters
Ambitious Outsiders
Trouble Loves Me
Papa Jack
Wide To Receive
Roy's Keen
He Cried
Sorrow Will Come In The End *
Satan Rejected My Soul

UK CD [Island CID8059]
UK CS [Island ICT8059]
UK LP [Island ILPS8059]
Australia CD [Mercury 314536036-2]
Australia CS [Mercury 314536036-4]
Brazil CD [Polygram 314536036-2]
Canada CD [Mercury 314536036-2]
Canada CS [Mercury 314536036-4]
Europe CD [Mercury 314536036-2 (Made in France)]
Europe CS [Mercury 314536036-4 (Made in France)]
Indonesia CS [Mercury 536 036-2]
Israel CD [Mercury/Helicon 536036-2]
Japan CD [Mercury PHCR-1531]
Holland CS [Mercury 536 036-4]
Mexico CD [Mercury 314536036-2]
Mexico CS [Polygram 314536036-4]
Philippines CS [Mercury 536 036-4]
Saudi Arabia CS [PolyGram/Megastar 285931]
Taiwan CD [Mercury 314536036-2; 2 different editions]
Thailand CS [Polygram 536036-4]
Turkey CS [Mercury/Raks 536036-4]
USA CD [Mercury 314536036-2]
USA CD [BMG Direct D120468; record club edition]
USA CD [Mercury/CRC P2-36036/20831-2181-2; record club edition]
USA CS [Mercury 314536036-4]
USA LP [Mercury 314536036-1]


Additional information:
* "Sorrow Will Come In The End" was not included on UK pressings, in any format, until it was reissued in 2009 (link below).

A cd featuring a recent Morrissey interview on KROQ (Los Angeles radio station) was given away with some cd copies of the album in the USA. View here.

Although record club editions are not covered here on "Passions Just Like Mine", it should be mentioned that the record club edition of "Maladjusted" has an otherwise unavailable white background instead of a (more expensive to produce) silver one.

The album was reissued in 2009 with different artwork and 6 bonus tracks. See expanded edition information.


Artwork information:
Morrissey, photographed by Rankin.


Additional release date information:
Japan: 30 July 1997
UK: 11 August 1997
Australia: 11 August 1997
Germany: 11 August 1997
USA LP: 5 August 1997
USA cd and cassette: 12 August 1997


Chart peak information:
UK: 8
Australia: 62
Canada: 70
Germany: 76
Sweden: 10
USA: 61


UK: Promotion was done via a specially pressed cd (CID8059) slipped inside a brown card sleeve with a die-cut see-though hole (view in left section). Some copies of the stock cd with promo sticker were also sent to radio or record stores for promotional purposes.

Australia: A cassette of the whole album with generic artwork was sent to radio for promotion.

Brazil: One minute of "Alma Matters" with voiceover description was included on a various artists promo cd titled "Suplemento Setembro '97 by Polygram" (#2809) sent to radio at the time of release of this album.

Canada: "Alma Matters" was included on a September 1997 Polygram various artists radio sampler cd (PCD520).

France: An advance cassette was distributed to media before the release of this album in France.

Germany: An advance tape with a white insert giving titles and song lengths was distributed to media before the release of this album.

Italy: "Alma Matters" was included on a 1997 various artists radio promo cd titled "PC Disc Special For Radio" (PRCD 5002-393).

Japan: Promo cds have a white and red numbered sticker on the obi and promo-only text etched on the inner ring of the cd.

Taiwan: "Alma Matters" was included on a 1997 Polygram various artists radio sampler cd titled "Polygram Mega Hits volume 16".

USA: A cd version of the album (Mercury, MEAD111) with generic text artwork (view in left section) and stamped copies of the stock cd served promotional purposes. These were occasionally paired with a press kit of bio and photo. Besides that, a one-track promo cd (Mercury, MECP274) of "Alma Matters" was sent to radio in the USA to promote that single and this album. A second one-track cd (Mercury, MECP337) was produced at the end of the year to promote the album, this time with "Satan Rejected My Soul". The latter song was not released in the USA as a single like it was elsewhere, but the song was still sent to radio for promotion. View artwork for the latter two items by clicking on the corresponding titles. A different interview cd than the freebie one mentioned above was also distributed for promotion of this album in the USA. The cd also included snippets of the songs "Maladjusted" and "Alma Matters". More information and scan here. "Alma Matters" and a snippet of "Maladjusted" were included on a various artists Mercury promo sampler titled "August Sales 1997" (MECD137). The radio-only single "Satan Rejected My Soul" was included on two various artists promo samplers, "Mercury CMJ Sampler" (MECD145) and "Hitdisc November 1997" (TM Century 225B). "Trouble Loves Me" was included on a various artists promo cd titled "Tip Sheet". A video of Morrissey's performance of "Alma Matters" on David Letterman's late night programme was also limitedly distributed for promotion.


"As if life had not tested me out enough, I find the record label to be hesitant or absent on the original release of 'Maladjusted'. The worst time of life ensues, and it would have been a kindness to kill me. Some tried. The artwork is pieced together in New York by the US label, and is tearfully bad, and we all edge away from making things work. It is over before it begins. In a dream state I am faced with the sacking of Danny Goldbert (who signed me), and thus, all whom he signed are wiped off the label. As we appear on the David Letterman Show in New York to play 'Alma Matters' we are lowered into something dark and adrift... and it is we who do not matter. If the days of Island Records and Mercury rank as a clean shot to the head, you give up only if you talk yourself into it. Instinct tells you how to get out of things, but there is a 7 year abyss ahead which we endure with the scouts belief that no harm could come to us combined. 'Maladjusted' survives, full of moral, fibre and level tone."
- Morrissey, liner notes to this album's 2009 redesigned edition

"I am blessed with a lucrative deal from Mercury Records in New York and I begin recording the album Maladjusted, yet another collection of unpopular themes, and one which will largely pass unnoticed, although I swell with pride at Trouble loves me, Ambitious outsiders, Alma Matters and Wide to receive. (...) Although I love Maladjusted, the artwork is out of my hands and terrifies anyone who gazes upon it."
- Morrissey, "Autobiography"