"Ringleader Of The Tormentors"
April 2006


I Will See You In Far Off Places
Dear God Please Help Me
You Have Killed Me
The Youngest Was The Most Loved
In The Future When All's Well
The Father Who Must Be Killed
Life Is A Pigsty
I'll Never Be Anybody's Hero Now
On The Streets I Ran
To Me You Are A Work Of Art
I Just Want To See The Boy Happy
At Last I Am Born

Argentina CD [Attack ATKCD016]
Australia CD [Attack/Sanctuary/Shock Records ATKCD016]
Brazil CD [Attack/Sanctuary/Trama 13542]
Canada CD [Attack/Sanctuary/EMI 86014-2]
China 2-CD [Universal DSD-1570]
Europe CD [Attack/Sanctuary ATKCD016]
Europe CD+DVD [Attack/Sanctuary ATKDX016]
Europe LP [Attack/Sanctuary ATKLP016]
Japan CD [BMG Japan BVCM-41052]
Japan CD+DVD [BMG Japan BVCM-47048/9]
Mexico CD [Attack/Sanctuary/Noiselab SDX27998]
Mexico CD [Attack/Sanctuary/Noiselab 4930162]
Philippines CD [Attack/Sanctuary/Universal ATKCD016]
Russia CD [Attack/Sony BMG Russia 82876890722]
Singapore CD [Attack/EQ Music EA71090; in slipcase]
South Africa CD [Attack/Just Music CDJUST106]
Taiwan CD [Attack/Sanctuary ATKCD016]
Thailand CD [Attack/Platinum Marketing ATKCD016]
USA CD [Attack/Sanctuary 86014-2]
USA CD+DVD [Attack/Sanctuary 86015-2]


Additional information:
The 'CD+DVD' edition of the album includes a DVD featuring the video of "You Have Killed Me" as well as footage of the recording of the latter and the "In The Future When All's Well" video. The UK/Europe edition also includes a poster.

In certain cities across the UK and Europe, the album could actually be found in stores one or two weeks ahead of the release date.

A 7" of the "You Have Killed Me" single (perhaps the promo 7" mentioned below in the single's 'promo' section) was given away with early copies of this album in select American cities.

When downloaded from iTunes UK, the album included bonus track "Irish Blood, English Heart" live from Manchester 22 May 2004, the concert from which the "Who Put The 'M' In Manchester" concert DVD was produced.

The Chinese album is not official and features seven extra tracks taken from "You Are The Quarry" as well as the complete "Suedehead - The Best Of Morrissey" album on the second cd.


Artwork information:
Cover photography by Fabio Lovino. In the UK and Europe Morrissey's right hand is cupped while in the USA it is straight (view left of this page). The USA edition has the words "Registrato e Mescolato a Roma Estate" in extremely fine print under the title, while the UK edition with DVD and the LP have "Registrato e Mescolato a Roma in Autunno". See quote below for artwork inspiration.

The LP and digipack cd's gatefold sleeves show another photo by Fabio Lovino when opened. The cd booklet has a variation on the latter image on its back. Both cd formats also have different photos of some medal.

From the sleeve designers: "The branding focused around the cartouche and crest. The fleurons framing the cartouche were taken from triumphal arches found in books of Roman architecture. The “M” crest was aped from Rome’s official seal with his initial replacing “The Senate and the People of Rome” and we designed a monogramme in vein of an Italian high-fashion house to run on the inner bags."


Additional release date information:
Ireland: 31 March 2006
UK: 3 April 2006
USA/Canada: 4 April 2006
Japan: 5 April 2006 (cd); 26 April 2006 (cd+dvd)
Germany: 7 April 2006


Chart peak information:
UK: 1
Australia: 55
Austria: 25
Belgium: 9
Canada: 41
Denmark: 3
Finland: 4
France: 36
Germany: 9
Greece: 1
Holland: 22
Ireland: 3
Israel: 1
Italy: 15
Malta: 1
Norway: 2
Portugal: 22
Spain: 40
Sweden: 1
Switzerland: 44
USA: 27


UK: gold within a month of the album's release


UK and Europe: Promo cds (ATKPR016) were slipped in a card sleeve with the regular artwork and added promo text on the front (view left). An electronic press kit was also sent to the relevant media. The front artwork had mostly text set around a small image of the album's cover. There are two versions of this promo cd, one has 3 typos, while the other has only 2.

Argentina: Promotional compact discs are stamped "Venta Prohibida".

Australia: Promo cds (ATKCD016) were slipped in a card sleeve with the regular artwork and an 'Avantcard' promo sticker on the front.

Japan: A BMG Japan promo cd-r was distributed to media at the time of release of the album. The front shows the album's artwork alongside credits, release date and plugger info, all in Japanese. It announces the regular edition as well as the one with a bonus DVD. The cd-r was distributed inside a blue slimline jewel case.

Poland: Although there doesn't seem to be a distinct Polish edition of this album, a Polish Sonic Records cd-r promo has been reported.

Thailand: Promo cds are similar to the UK/Euro stock cd, but they have "Promotional Use Only Not For Sale" printed on the cd.

USA: A six-track "In Store Play Sampler" numbered ATMDJ-85765-2 featured "You Have Killed Me", "The Youngest Was The Most Loved", "Irish Blood, English Heart", "In The Future When All's Well", "First Of The Gang To Die" as well as a live version of "How Soon Is Now?" from the "Live At Earls Court" live album. This has no picture artwork, simply a text insert with titles and credits.



"Ringleader Of The Tormentors sounds nothing like any previous album, which is obviously great news for the world of music."
- Morrissey, Mojo magazine, February 2006

"Firstly, the musicianship is outstanding. Secondly, the songs are very strong, which is a great thing to be able to say this far down the line. We were all very unified everyone gets on very well, we are all very close friends, and everyone works for the common good, and there is never anyone pulling away as there has been in the past. So, this all helped to make the album as good as it is and we all know it is the best. It is not a continuation of You Are The Quarry, and it has no links to the past. Tony [Visconti, producer] has been a very uplifting influence has done a great job as producer and I'm honoured to have worked with him. Marco Martin, who engineered, also played such a big part in the overall sound, and we're all eternally thankful to him."
- Morrissey, in a Q&A on "True To You" in 2005

"There is an American film from 1946 called "Humoresque" in which Oscar Levant holds up a copy of a magazine with John Garfield on the front playing the violin, as he does throughout the film. I thought the Garfield picture was so touching, so I tried to copy it. Interestingly, my right hand is cupped on the European version, but is straight on the US version."
Morrissey on the album's artwork in a Q&A on "True To You" in June 2007

"Alain's writing for Ringleader of the Tormentors had elegantly surpassed itself, with what would become Life is a pigsty, I will see you in far-off places and The father who must be killed defined for all time as the very best. Recording traffic noises for the song The youngest was the most loved we walk around late-night Piazza Euclide. A hardy shout comes from an open-top mini (which we later use on At last I am born), whilst Alain's impromptu bop-a-bop-bom loops itself into the opening confusion of the tracks."
- Morrissey, "Autobiography"