"You Have Killed Me"
March 2006


You Have Killed Me
Good Looking Man About Town

Europe 7" [Attack/Sanctuary ATKSE017]
Europe cd5#1 [Attack/Sanctuary ATKXS017]


You Have Killed Me
Human Being
I Knew I Was Next
You Have Killed Me [video]

Europe cd5#2 [Attack/Sanctuary ATKXD017]


You Have Killed Me
Human Being
Good Looking Man About Town
I Knew I Was Next

USA cd5 [Attack/Sanctuary 86016-2]


Additional information:
B-side "Good Looking Man About Town" was made available for download on iTunes UK one week before the single's release date.

A 7" of this single (perhaps the promo 7" mentioned below in the 'promo' section) was given away with early copies of the "Ringleader Of The Tormentors" album in select American cities.


Artwork information:
Morrissey, photographed by Fabio Lovino. The railroad track is in the Pigneto area of Rome.


Additional release date information:
Ireland: 24 March 2006
UK: 27 March 2006
USA: 28 March 2006
Germany: 31 March 2006


Chart peak information:
UK: 3
Denmark: 3
Finland: 5
Germany: 65
Ireland: 9
Italy: 25
Sweden: 8
USA: (didn't chart, but made #1 on sales-only chart)


UK and Europe: One-track promo cds numbered ATKPX017 were sent to radio and other media shortly before the release of the single. The artwork is similar to the UK/Euro cd-single #1, with just the title track mentioned on the front (view left). One-track acetate cd with the single's artwork inside a white border, also numbered ATKPX017, served more limited promotional purposes (view left). Promo DVDs of the song's promo video paired with an electronic press kit was also sent to the relevant media. This had no artwork. Unusually for this DVD age, a promo VHS was also produced.

Sweden: The one-track European promo cd mentioned above was sent to radio with a promo sheet advertising recent Morrissey releases.

USA: Promo cds and 7"s were produced with the respective catalogue numbers ATMDJ85761-2 and ATMDJ85761-7. They have similar front artwork to the stock single and are both backed with "Good Looking Man About Town". The 7"s were mostly given away with copies of the "Ringleader Of The Tormentors" album in the USA. A promo DVD (19701541) featuring the song's video was very limitedly distributed.