"Suedehead-The Best Of Morrissey"
September 1997


Interlude (extended)
Everyday Is Like Sunday
That's Entertainment
Hold On To Your Friends
My Love Life (UK version)
Interesting Drug
Our Frank
Piccadilly Palare
Ouija Board, Ouija Board
You're The One For Me, Fatty
We Hate It When Our Friends Become Successful
The Last Of The Famous International Playboys
Pregnant For The Last Time
November Spawned A Monster
The More You Ignore Me, The Closer I Get

Argentina CD [EMI 859665-2]
Australia CD [EMI Australia CDEMC3771]
Brazil CD [EMI 859665-2]
Chile CS [EMI 859665-4]
EEC CS [EMI 859665-4]
France CD [EMI CDEMC3771 (Holland cd in French box)]
Holland CD [EMI CDEMC3771]
Italy CD [EMI CDEMC3771]
Japan CD [EMI TOCP-50139]
Japan CD [2002 reissue on EMI TOCP-53239]
Japan CD [2004 reissue on EMI TOCP-53410]
Japan CD [2014 reissue on Parlophone WPCR-15828]
Korea CD [EMI EKPD-0639]
Korea CS [EMI ??]
Philippines CD [EMI CDEMC3771]
Philippines CS [EMI/OctoArts 859665-4]
Poland CS [EMI 859665-4]
Taiwan CD [EMI 859665-2]


Additional information:
EMI released this collection of mainly singles taking advantage of the publicity around Mercury/Island's "Maladjusted" album, associated singles and tour.

Korean releases don't include "Interesting Drug". The record company feared the song would be misinterpreted as an incentive to use drugs.


Artwork information:
The photo used by EMI was an old promotional one of Morrissey.


Additional release date information:
Holland CD: 8 September 1997 in the UK
UK LP: 15 September 1997
Japan: 26 November 1997
UK reissue: 7 February 2000
Japan reissue: 27 March 2002


Chart peak information:
UK: 26 (then #25 in 2004 when reissued)


UK: An advance cd numbered CDPP0015 (view in left frame) served for promotion mainly in the UK, but perhaps also in other European countries. "That's Entertainment" was included on at least four various artists radio promo/sampler cds: "EMI IN House" (13 tracks), "Retro-Spective" (38 tracks/2 cds), "Channel 18 August 1997" and "Channel 19 September 1997".

Holland/Europe: Some copies of the album on cd have been seen with promo stickers on them. A two-track promo cd (EMI, CDSP156) was pressed in Holland for promotion over Europe around the time of the release of the album. The tracks on it are "That's Entertainment" and "Suedehead". "That's Entertainment" was at some point scheduled as a single from this compilation, but plans were scrapped. View artwork in left frame.

Japan: The original 1997 edition was promoted with stickered copies while promos for the 2002 reissue were stamped in the back. Both of them had promo-only text etched on the inner ring of the cds.

Korea: "Interlude" was included on a EMI radio sampler simply titled "EMI Sampler 29". It is assumed that this served to promote this compilation.