"Your Arsenal"
July 1992


You're Gonna Need Someone On Your Side
Glamorous Glue
We'll Let You Know
The National Front Disco
Certain People I Know
We Hate It When Our Friends Become Successful
You're The One For Me, Fatty
Seasick, Yet Still Docked
I Know It's Gonna Happen Someday

UK/Europe LP [2001 reissue on Simply Vinyl SVLP244]
Australia CD [EMI Australasia 799794-2]
Australia CS [EMI Australasia 799794-4]
Brazil CD [EMI-Odeon 799794 2]
Brazil CS [EMI-Odeon 799794 4]
Brazil LP [EMI-Odeon 799794 1]
Canada CD [Sire/Reprise CD-26994]
Canada CD [Columbia House W2 26994; record club edition]
Canada CS [Sire/Reprise 92 69944]
Chile CS [?]
EEC/Germany LP [EMI 799794-1]
Greece LP [EMI Greece 799794-1]
Greece CS [HMV 7 99794 4]
Holland CD [EMI 799794-2]
Israel CS [CBS/Capitol 99794-4]
Italy CD [EMI 799794-2]
Italy LP [EMI 799794-1]
Italy CS [HMV 7 99794 4]
Japan CD [Toshiba TOCP-7273]
Japan CD [1998 reissue on Toshiba TOCP-3421]
Poland CS [Mag Magic MM 0967]
Russia CD [(no label or cat no)]
Saudi Arabia CS [Thomsun EN-4797]
South Africa CD [EMI ??]
South Africa CS [EMI ??]
Turkey CS [EMI/Kent Elektronik TCP2576]
Uruguay CS [EMI 501821-4]
USA CD [Sire/Reprise 9 26994-2]
USA CD [Columbia House W2 26994; record club edition]
USA CD [BMG Direct D163794; record club edition]
USA CS [Sire/Reprise 9 26994-4]

Additional information:
This album was nominated for a Grammy Award in the 'Best Alternative Album' category. Morrissey lost to Tom Waits.

The album was reissued in 2014 with slightly different track listing and with a bonus DVD of a 1991 concert. See discography page for this reissue here.


Artwork information:
The front and back photos of Morrissey were taken by his friend Linder Sterling at Nassau Coliseum on 11 November 1991. These have also appeared in the book "Morrissey Shot" which chronicles the Kill Uncle tour. The inside photo (view left) is of gangster Charlie Richardson, circa 1962, taken from his 1991 autobiography titled "My Manor". The photo is used on both sides of the LP's inner sleeve and inside the cd foldout inlay. The photo is in black and white in most countries except the UK where it is gold tinted. The same photo was used as a backdrop on the Your Arsenal tour and appeared on the British programme from that tour. Photos of Th'Lads appear inside the cassette insert and on the back of the USA longbox (view left).


Etchings on vinyl:


Additional release date information:
UK: 27 July 1992
USA/Canada: 28 July 1992
Japan 1998 reissue: 24 June 1998


Chart peak information:
UK: 4
Australia: 12
USA: 21


UK: This album seems to have been mostly promoted in the UK through its singles and non-musical material such as press release, posters and adverts, as no proper promo on any format has ever surfaced. Album track "You're Gonna Need Someone On Your Side" was included on a Parlophone sampler cassette simply titled "February 1993" [Parlophone TCPSC93]. "Glamorous Glue" was included on a covermount cassette given away with an issue of Vox magazine from March 1993. It was also included on a various artists sampler cd titled "Parlophone In The City" (ITC1), but this was in 1994 or 1995, perhaps to mark repressings of back catalogue material.

Brazil: Copies of the LP were distributed for promotion with a 'Produto Invendável' sticker on the back of the sleeve. "We Hate It When Our Friends Become Successful" was included on a various artists promo LP sent to radio or retail at the time of release of this album.

Canada: The single remix of "Tomorrow" was included on a various artists radio promo sampler cd dated September 1992 [Warner PROC92150].

Germany: The release of "Your Arsenal" was promoted in Germany with the inclusion of "Glamorous Glue" on a various artists 2-cd promo sampler from EMI Germany titled "Hot Shots Nr. 4/92" [EMI Germany 2CD 519214].

Italy: Copies of the stock LP were made into promotional items by being pin-stamped in the bottom left corner with the words "Campione Gratuito".

Japan: Promos cds of the original 1992 edition have a red and white promo sticker on the back tray inlay and 'sample not for sale' etched around the cd's inner ring.

USA (audio): Direct promotion of this album was done via 3 different promotional cassettes and two one-title promo cds. The first two Sire/Reprise advance promo cassettes featured the complete album and were numbered 4-26994. However, one came with a blue titles insert and the other one with a pink insert. The latter one is expected to have come out earlier than the former because the album title is not found anywhere on its packaging. The third promo cassette features "You're Gonna Need Someone On Your Side" and "I Know It's Gonna Happen Someday" and was given away at events during the week preceding the release of the album. It came with a white inlay card with the release date '7/28/92' on the front and spine. The album was also promoted in the USA with the help of two one-title promo cds. The first one, distributed around the time of release, featured the album version and an otherwise unavailable edit of "Tomorrow" (Sire/Reprise, PRO-CD-5637; no front artwork to display, see back in gallery on the left). This promo cd is not to be confused with the one-track promo cd for the "Tomorrow" single. A second one-title promo cd was distributed to radio in December 1992, this one with album track "Glamorous Glue" (Sire/Reprise, PRO-CD-5752; no front artwork to display, see back in gallery on the left). The song was once intended as a commercial single, to be backed with the same b-sides as the UK "Certain People I Know" single, but those plans were scrapped. Although it did not make the Hot 100, the song made it to #13 on the Modern Rock chart on airplay only. A various artists promo sampler titled FMBQ Artist Report also featured the latter song.

USA (video): The release of "Your Arsenal" was heavily promoted in the USA (by Morrissey standards) and besides all the promo videos featuring singles "We Hate It When Our Friends Become Successful" and "Tomorrow" (click on latter links for details), a number of additional promo videos were produced specifically for "Your Arsenal", featuring "Tomorrow" (before it got released as a single), "Glamorous Glue" or various television footage. Before coming out as a single the video for "Tomorrow" was sent to media as a one-track promo video [Warner Bros D57161] and included on a various artists promo video compilation [Warner Bros D57703]. Soon after came two promo videocassettes featuring assorted footage. The first featured assorted footage from concerts and other live appearances [Warner Bros D58498]. The second one featured news coverage and Morrissey's appearance on "Hangin With MTV" where he played two songs and was interviewed [Warner Bros D59479]. The video for "Glamorous Glue" was included on two one-track promo videos from Warner Bros. The first one dated "10/23/92" and numbered #332 and the second one dated one week later [Warner Bros D64440]. The video was also included on two various artists promo video compilations. The first one is dated "11-13-92" [Warner Bros D65812] and the second one "11-18-92" ["Holiday Heavy Hitters", Warner Bros ??]. The latter video was also distributed on the December 1992 issue of the Rockamerica various artists promo video series. Finally the videos for both "Tomorrow" and "Glamorous Glue" were both included on a further Warner Bros promo video compilation, this one titled "Warner Bros Alt. Marketing Videos 2/93" and dated "02-12-93" [Warner Bros D73733].



In an interview published in Alternative Press in 1993, Morrissey said "I chose [producer Mick Ronson] because he's a very strong musician and I wanted to make a record which had a real sense of physicality and body to it."