"Kill Uncle"
February/March 1991


Our Frank
Asian Rut
Sing Your Life
Mute Witness
King Leer
Found Found Found
Driving Your Girlfriend Home
The Harsh Truth Of The Camera Eye
(I'm) The End Of The Family Line
There's A Place In Hell For Me And My Friends
Tony the Pony (Sire/Reprise cd only)

UK LP [1995 reissue on Parlophone PCS7375]
Australia CS [EMI Australia 795707-4]
Australia LP [EMI Australia 795707-1]
Brazil CD [EMI Odeon 795707-2]
Brazil CS [EMI Odeon 795707-4]
Brazil LP [EMI Odeon 795707-1]
Canada CD [Sire/Reprise CD-26514]
Canada CS [Sire/Reprise 92 65144]
Canada CS [Columbia House W4 26514; record club edition]
EEC CD [EMI CDP 79 5707 2]
EEC CS [EMI 264-79 5707 4]
EEC LP [EMI 064 7 95707 1]
Greece LP [EMI Greece 062-7957071]
Greece CS [HMV 262 7957074]
Indonesia CS [Sire/Reprise 9 26514-2]
Israel CS [HMV TCCSD 3789]
Italy CS [EMI Italiana 795707-4]
Italy LP [EMI Italiana 64 7957071]
Japan CD [Toshiba EMI TOCP-6635]
Portugal LP [HMV 79 5707 1]
Portugal cassette [HMV 7957074]
Saudi Arabia CS [Thomsun Original EN-4419; 4 extra tracks]
Saudi Arabia CS [Stallions TCCSD3789]
South Africa CD [EMI CDP 7957072]
South Africa CS [EMI L4 EMCJ (N) 5426]
South Africa LP [EMI EMCJ(D)5426]
Spain LP [EMI Odeón 076 7957071]
Spain CS [EMI Odeón 276 7957074]
Taiwan CS [EMI EM0104]
Thailand CS [Peacock 5686]
Uruguay CS [EMI 501778-4]
USA CD [Sire/Reprise 9 26514-2]
USA CD [Columbia House 20831-4167-2/W2 26514; record club edition]
USA CD [BMG Direct D120588; record club edition]
USA CS [Sire/Reprise 9 26514-4]
USA CS [BMG Direct C120588; record club edition]
Venezuela LP [EMI EMI25187]
Yugoslavia LP [EMI Jugoton LP-7-1 203078]
Yugoslavia CS [EMI Jugoton MC-7-S 3030780]

Additional information:
"Tony The Pony" is included as a bonus track on some USA and all Canada compact discs. It is also included on some unlicensed editions such as the Indonesia cassette.

The album was reissued in 2013 with slightly different track listing and different artwork. See discography page for this reissue here.


Artwork information:
Morrissey, photographed by Gino Sprio in Berkshire. Many more photos from the same sessions (all with arms outstretched) were used inside the gatefold LP, on the back or inside the cd insert (view in left bar).


Etchings on vinyl:
(only on original HMV LP, not on Parlophone 1995 reissue)


Additional release date information:
UK: 4 March 1991
USA/Canada: 5 March 1991
UK Parlophone reissue: 1995


Chart peak information:
UK: 8
Australia: 45
USA: 52


UK: Silver on 1 March 1991


UK: This album seems to have been mainly promoted in the UK through its singles. Stock copies of the cd with a 'MANUFACTURERS PROPERTY, NOT FOR SALE' and release information stickers on the back seem to have served very limited promotional purposes.

Argentina: "Our Frank" was included on a 8-track various artists promo LP (DIF042), very likely to promote this album.

Brazil: Copies of the stock LP with a promo sticker on the back of the sleeve served as promos. "Our Frank" was included on a 4-track various artists promo EP (EMI Odeon 9951 236) sent to radio around the time of release of this album.

France: A press kit in a folder including a 8-page press release and 4 black and white press photos was sent by EMI France to important media.

Japan: Promos cds have a red and white promo sticker on the back tray inlay and 'sample not for sale' etched in black around the cd's inner ring.

USA: One-track cds of "Our Frank" were sent to media at the time of release of this album in the USA (Sire/Reprise, PRO-CD-4732, generic label back artwork in image gallery, no front artwork to display). Some media were sent a 3-page media info press kit with a 8x10 black and white press photo of Morrissey. For more, see album's singles "Our Frank" and "Sing Your Life".



"I met Boz through a mutual friend, Cathal, who sings in the group Madness. I went through a period when I saw a lot of Cathal, he was a very close friend, and he introduced me to Boz because I had done an album called "Kill Uncle" which Cathal thought was rubbish..... and he wasn't necessarily wrong. He wanted me to move away from Mark Nevin who had co-written "Kill Uncle" which I was prepared to do because I didn't actually know Mark that well. So, Cathal saw Boz as a writing partner for me, but it has obviously developed into a long and precious friendship. Boz is perfect company as well as being very funny."
- Morrissey on meeting guitarist Boz Boorer, Q&A on "True To You", June 2007

"Recording something for the sake of recording delivered Kill Uncle unto the world, and I am finally up against the limits of my abilities, whilst surely not fooling anybody. Having been so right, it is suddenly shocking to be so wrong, yet Kill Uncle is number 8 in England and number 52 in the US. It will always be the orphaned imp that nobody wants, and even I - its father and mother - find it difficult to feed."
- Morrissey, "Autobiography"