"The Last Of The Famous International Playboys"
(Morrissey/Stephen Street)


A first version of this song came together when Stephen Street started working with Morrissey, in the autumn of 1987 immediately after the end of the Smiths. This first version featured different Street music and possibly different Morrissey lyrics.

Its second and definitive incarnation came together in November-December 1988 at Wool Hall Studios in Bath, with producer Stephen Street. Musicians on this recording were Craig Gannon (guitar), Andy Rourke (bass), Mike Joyce (drums), Stephen Street (keyboards) and Neil Taylor (second guitar).


single version {3:40}
"The Last Of The Famous International Playboys" single, all formats
• Japan cd-single of "Interesting Drug"
"Hulmerist", a video compilation
"Bona Drag" album
"The World Of Morrissey" album
"Suedehead - The Best Of" album
"¡Oye Esteban!", a DVD video retrospective
"¡The Best Of!" album
"Greatest Hits" album [remastered 2008]
"The HMV/Parlophone Singles '88-'95" album
"Bona Drag" - redesigned edition [remastered 2010]
"Very Best Of Morrissey" [audio remastered 2010; video remastered 2011]
"The Last Of The Famous International Playboys" single, redesigned edition [remastered 2013]


Top Of The Pops 9 February 1989 [tv]
This is commonly found on bootleg video compilations of Morrissey television appearances. The audio from this broadcast is not circulated on bootlegs because the performance was lipsynched.
Later With Jools Holland 8 February 2008 [tv] {3:57}
This 4-song performance (also including "That's How People Grow Up", "Something Is Squeezing My Skull" and "All You Need Is Me") is circulated on bootleg video. The audio can be found in digital format on the internet.


This song has been performed in concert a total of 121 times by Morrissey, perhaps even up to 125 times if we take into account the fact that some setlists from 1991 have been lost. It was on the setlist for Morrissey's live debut at Wolverhampton in 1988, backed by Andy Rourke, Mike Joyce and Craig Gannon. It was done almost every night on the 1991 Kill Uncle tour for a total of 59 times, perhaps even 63 times. It was done only 9 times on the following year's Your Arsenal tour, once at a festival appearance very early in the tour, then eight more times at the end of the year in the USA and Europe. It was resurrected one month into the 2007-2008 Greatest Hits tour and done on-and-off for a total of 51 airings over 91 dates. It was last heard in 2011 when it was played only once, in Inverness on 17 June. Despite having this song re-released as a single in 2013, he did not sing it in concert that year and did not even rehearse it ahead of the cancelled South American tour.

live Dallas 17 June 1991 {3:33}
"Live In Dallas", a live concert on video
live Mountain View Shoreline Amphitheatre 31 October 1991 {?:??}
"Your Arsenal" album, redesigned edition bonus DVD
live Hollywood Bowl 8 June 2007 {3:51}
• limited edition of the "Greatest Hits" album
live NYC Hammerstein Ballroom 27 October 2007 {3:54}
"That's How People Grow Up" cd-single


No demos or studio outtakes of this song have leaked to the general public at this point in time.