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This second leg of the Swords tour was also marred with health problems and a cancellation. However Morrissey's spirits seemed to be higher than on the tour's first leg. When he struggled with his voice he looked slightly annoyed by it, but not irritated to the point where he was expected to walk out. Many people found that he looked tired, but he soldiered on and finished the tour with having to cancel only one date.

Musicians: Boz Boorer (guitars, clarinet), Jesse Tobias (guitars), Matt Walker (drums), Solomon Walker (bass) and Gustavo Manzur (keyboards, accordion, harmonica, guitar, etc).


Doll And The Kicks.


The following items have been reported:
-Red 'Swords' t-shirt with Morrissey's head over Union jack, 35$, view.
-Black track jacket with Ivy League style 'M' on left breast, 75$, view.
-Black t-shirt with white Morrissey face Johnny-Cash style, 35$, view.
-Light pink/lilac 'Sweetie Pie' women's v-neck t-shirt with an anchor tattoo motive on the front and 'Morrissey' on the back across the shoulders, 35$ then 50$, (image needed).
-Blue and grey 'Good Looking Man About Town' t-shirt with 'Morrissey' on the back, 35$, view.
-Black t-shirt with "Morrissey Tackle Me" and broken heart on the front, 35$, view.
-Blue "Lancashire" t-shirt with coat-of-arms style Eagle with Union Jack, 35$, view.
-Black Swords album art t-shirt, usa tour dates on back, 35$, view.
-Greyish blue t-shirt with "All You Need Is Morrissey", 35$, view.
-Black t-shirt with "Years Of Refusal" album artwork, 35$, view.
-Poster showing "Swords" album cover art, view.
-Red tote bag with Union Jack crest and Morrissey' name, 25$, view.
-'I Swerve for Morrissey' car sticker, 5$, view.
-"I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris" 7" single, 15$.
-"Years Of Refusal" album cd.
-"Years Of Refusal" album LP.
-Sticker with "Years Of Refusal" album logo, 3$, view.
-Keychain, view.


Music, before opening band, order approximate:
Maria Callas - "Ebben? Ne Andro Lontana"
Maria Callas - "Samson and Delilah"
Velvet Underground - "I Heard Her Call My Name"
The Foundations - (probably) "Any Old Time (You're Lonely and Sad)"
Al Martino - "Granada"
Velvet Underground - "Sister Ray"
Velvet Underground - "The Gift"
Sparks - "Something For The Girl With Everything"
Hank Snow - "Old Shep"
The Fall - "Lie Dream Of A Casino Soul"

Videos, between opening act's and Morrissey's sets:
Content and order are approximate.
-(Some guy rings a bell and says school is in session)
-Millie Small: "My Boy Lollipop" (from Finnish TV)
-Sparks: "This Town Ain't Big Enough For Both Of Us"
-Shocking Blue: "Mighty Joe"
-Alan Price Set: "Simon Smith And His Amazing Dancing Bear"
-Nico: I'm Not Saying
-Lou Reed press conference excerpt
-Rita Pavone: "Cuore" [unconfirmed]
-(School bell guy again)
-New York Dolls: "Looking For A Kiss" (live Musik Laden)
-Joe Dolan: "You're Such A Good Looking Woman"
-Lypsinka: (lip-synching to an old movie soundtrack clip)

Morrissey walked on stage at the end of the instrumental drone outro to his song "You Were Good In Your Time".

After the show, fans exited the venue to Frank Sinatra's "My Way".


Italian actor Walter Chiari. View in situ.


Although this tour was called the Swords tour, its setlist only featured 3 or 4 songs from that compilation of b-sides. "Ganglord", "Teenage Dad On His Estate" and "Don't Make Fun Of Daddy's Voice" were done every night, while "Because Of My Poor Education" was done about one date out of every two. On two of those nights when the latter song was not on the setlist, Morrissey reintroduced "If You Don't Like Me, Don't Look At Me", a b-side he had played a few times in 2006 and never since.

Morrissey's most recent album of new material "Years Of Refusal" was still quite well represented. "Black Cloud", "I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris", "I'm OK By Myself", "One Day Goodbye Will Be Farewell" and "When Last I Spoke To Carol" were setlist regulars. "Something Is Squeezing My Skull" was the encore of the first of these dates, but was never played subsequently.

2006's "Ringleader Of The Tormentors" was completely left aside on this tour, while 2004's "You Are The Quarry" was represented by near-regulars "First Of The Gang To Die" and "The World Is Full Of Crashing Bores", part-timer "Irish Blood, English Heart", and the occasional "Let Me Kiss You". Morrissey's earlier solo years were only represented by regulars "The Loop" and "Why Don't You Find Out For Yourself?".

The Smiths back catalogue was still very well represented. "How Soon Is Now?", "Cemetry Gates", "Death At One's Elbow", "Is It Really So Strange?", "Ask" and standard set opener "This Charming Man" were done every night.

Here is the number of times each song was performed on this leg, in descending order of frequency. This is based on 8 concerts.

Ask - 8
Black Cloud - 8
Cemetry Gates - 8
Death At One's Elbow - 8
Don't Make Fun Of Daddy's Voice - 8
Ganglord - 8
How Soon Is Now? - 8
I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris - 8
Is It Really So Strange? - 8
One Day Goodbye Will Be Farewell - 8
Teenage Dad On His Estate - 8
The Loop - 8
This Charming Man - 8
When Last I Spoke To Carol - 7
Why Don't You Find Out For Yourself? - 7
First Of The Gang To Die - 6
I'm OK By Myself - 6
The World Is Full Of Crashing Bores - 6
Because Of My Poor Education - 5
Irish Blood, English Heart - 4
If You Don't Like Me, Don't Look At Me - 2
Let Me Kiss You - 2
Something Is Squeezing My Skull - 1

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The Smiths classic and live staple "How Soon Is Now?" was the song in the set with the most lyric changes. Morrissey changes both occurrences of a line to "I'm still the son, the son and heir". The second of these was usually followed with a shout of "of what!?". The first occurrence of the line "of a shyness that is criminally vulgar" was rarely altered, but the second occurrence was always changed to "...that is crippling and vulgar". Both occurrences of "how can you say, I go about things the wrong way" were rarely changed to "how can you say, I live my life the wrong way" anymore. Morrissey always replaced "you could meet somebody who really loves you" with "you could meet somebody who can even stand you" and always followed the line "so you go on your own and you leave on your own" with a shout of "oh (really) what a big surprise!". The change to "When you say it's gonna happen now, now! well, when exactly do you mean? You see I've already waited too long and most of my life has gone" was also always done. The studio version's final verse was still excluded from the live arrangement of the song.

In the first verse of "Ask", Morrissey now stuck to the original "from doing all the things in life that you like to" most of the time, but now and then he would sing "from doing all the things in life that you want to". In the second verse he sang "from being all the things in life that you want to". He rarely replaced the second occurrence of "nature is a language can't you read" with "nature is a language, can anybody read". The change to "if it's not love, then it's military might, it's macho military might that will bring us together" was standard. Morrissey didn't follow this with variations on "in the meantime, ask me, ask me, ask me" or "meanwhile, ask me, ask me, ask me" anymore.

In "Is it Really So Strange" Morrissey started this leg by changing "I found a tiny house" to "I found a modest house", as he had done earlier in the tour, but after a few dates this became "I found a Camden house". He never changed "Oh yes you can kick me, and you can punch me, and you can break my face", but in the following verse he sang "Oh yes you can chin me, and you can butt me" most of the time. The recent change to "I was gagged in Newport Pagnell" was now standard.

"This Charming Man" was more transformed musically than lyrically, as it was given a pub-rocky sound and stripped of its jangle line. The only lyric change in the latter number was the one to "when the pleather runs smooth on the passenger seat". In "Cemetry Gates" Morrissey now stuck to the changes "we stonely read the graves" and "which seems unfair, I want to die". The second occurrence of a certain line in "Death At One's Elbow" was always truncated to "don't come to the house tonight". More interestingly, Morrissey usually sang the less busy "you'll slip on the trail of my sad remains" (or some other minor variation), which was followed with "that's why I say goodbye my love".

The crowd favourite "The Loop" remained faithful to its studio form. Morrissey only changed "when you're bored" to "if you're bored", as he always does. The only line still altered in "Why Don't You Find Out For Yourself" was the one which was alternately changed to "some men here, they have a special interest in your silly career", "…funny career" or even "…fatty career". The only semi-regular change in "First Of The Gang To Die" was the on-and-off one to "the first lost lad to go - where else? - under the sod". There were no surprises in "Let Me Kiss You".

Most of the time in "Irish Blood, English Heart" Morrissey would sing "never racist or partial" and "denounce these horrible royals that still salute him". He rarely shouted undecipherable stuff at the end of the song anymore. In "The World Is Full Of Crashing Bores", the changes to "they who wish to crush you" and "say a quick prayer 'cause he's still there" were the only regular ones. In "Teenage Dad On His Estate" Morrissey sometimes sang "You defer to the views of the television news, why?" and usually stuck to "you find everything there except the news". He never made any of the previously heard minor changes in "Don't Make Fun Of Daddy's Voice".

In "Ganglord" Morrissey now mostly stuck to "there's a clock on the wall making fun of us all". At the end of that song he usually sang "get your fat ass back to the ghetto" as he had done before, and followed this with "get your scrawny ass back to the ghetto" and "get your miserable ass back to the ghetto". He barely made changes in "I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris" anymore. On a few occasions he emphasized the song's final line by adding a spoken "very plain" at the end. In "Something Is Squeezing My Skull" he changed the line "when you peel it back and bite me" to "somebody peel it back and bite me". He extended a line to "there are no true friends in modern life". In "One Day Goodbye Will Be Farewell" he occasionally sang "I have been thinking, really?" and regularly did "look at me I'm a savage beast". He often ended the song with the new change "so grab me while… just grab me!"

There were no significant or regular changes made in "I'm OK By Myself" or "If You Don't Like Me, Don't Look At Me". "Black Cloud" was quite faithful to its original arrangement. In the latter number Morrissey usually sang "I can sink even lower than usual". In "When Last I Spoke To Carol" he usually sang "I can't pretend life gets easier", "along life's narrow ledge" and most of the time he would also sing "across this ugly face of mine" and "one thing I still know". He extended a line in "Because Of My Poor Education" to "I've lived my whole life without affection" and sang the alternate "kind people they look at me and say". He changed that song's final line to "reality, it's never been real to me".


Nothing from these dates has been featured on an official release at this point in time.


At this point in time, there are no significant video recordings of any of these concerts in general circulation on DVD bootlegs. However, footage of the complete Pomona show minus a bit of banter can be found on Youtube (user newyearbaby72), cut up into 19 files, one for each song played. The files are even numbered for chronological playback. Perhaps one day the recorder will make this footage available on DVD for the benefit of bootleg collectors.


At this point in time, there are no significant audio recordings of any of these concerts in general circulation. Fanmade recordings have been reported for the latter six concerts of this section, but none of these are being shared yet. If and when they do get shared, the Las Vegas recording might be the preferred option for non-completists, because it is the only one out of these six to feature the 2009 live arrangement of "If You Don't Like Me, Don't Look At Me".