October/November 2009


Good Looking Man About Town
Don't Make Fun Of Daddy's Voice
If You Don't Like Me, Don't Look At Me
My Dearest Love
The Never-Played Symphonies
Sweetie Pie
Christian Dior
Shame Is The Name
Munich Air Disaster 1958
I Knew I Was Next
It's Hard To Walk Tall When You're Small
Teenage Dad On His Estate
Children In Pieces
Friday Mourning
My Life Is A Succession Of People Saying Goodbye
Drive-In Saturday (live Nebraska 11 May 2007)
Because Of My Poor Education

UK CD [Polydor/Decca 5322208]
UK 2-LP [Polydor/Decca 5322210]
Argentina CD [Polydor/Universal 5322208]
Canada CD [Polydor/UMC 5322208]
Indonesia CD [Polydor/Decca 532220-8]
Korea CD [Polydor DC6309/532 220-8]
Malaysia CD [Polydor/Decca 5322208]
Mexico CD [Polydor/Universal 5322208]
Russia CD [Polydor 460502670392]
Taiwan CD [Polydor/Universal 532220-8]
USA CD [Polydor/Decca B0013597 02]


The limited double cd edition features the above plus
Black Cloud (live Warsaw 2009)
I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris (live Warsaw 2009)
I Just Want To See The Boy Happy (live Warsaw 2009)
Why Don't You Find Out For Yourself (live Warsaw 2009)
One Day Goodbye Will Be Farewell (live Warsaw 2009)
You Just Havenít Earned It Yet, Baby (live Warsaw 2009)
Life Is A Pigsty (live Warsaw 2009)
I'm OK By Myself (live Warsaw 2009)

UK 2-CD [Polydor/Decca 5322207]
Malaysia 2-CD [Polydor/Decca 5322207]


The digital edition adds
The Slum Mums (new edit)
Human Being


Additional information:
This album is a compilation of b-sides from singles lifted off Morrissey's last three studio albums. A limited edition 2-cd set features 8 songs recorded in Warsaw in 2009.

The new edit of "The Slum Mums" only available on the digital edition of the album differs from the original b-side by its intro, which drops the crying child sample.


Artwork information:
Morrissey photos by Travis Shinn, Los Angeles 2008. Band photo inside cd booklet by Morrissey. Live shot of Morrissey by Tim Griffin, New York 2009. View all these photos from links on the left side of this page.


Etchings on vinyl:


Additional release date information:
UK: 26 October 2009
Canada: 3 November 2009 (1-cd), 17 November 2009 (2-cd)
Germany: 30 October 2009
USA: 3 November 2009 (1-cd), 17 November 2009 (2-cd and LP)


Chart peak information:
UK: 55




UK: The promo 2-cd-r set had white labels and was paired with a press release and a colour insert of the album's artwork (same as stock artwork). The first cd of this promo features as additional tracks "Slum Mums" (edit) and "Human Being" (because both are download bonuses).

Europe: A 2-cd set with text-only labels, an artwork insert and two titles inserts have been used for promotion of this album in certain European countries. The front artwork is identical to the stock release.

France: A 6-track sampler cd-r was produced for promotion of this album. The cover photo is an old Morrissey one in front of a "penis mightier than the sword" sign. The sampler features "Mexico", which is not on the album. It has been speculated that this might be a fake, but at this point in time it is assumed to be legitimate.

USA: The American promo cd-r (Polydor/Decca B0013597 02) has the same front and back artwork as the stock copies, but it also has the additional word "Advance" under the title on the front and a FBI anti-piracy warning in text and logo on the back. It features the 18 tracks found on the regular 1-cd edition.


In a statement published on the True-To-You website in December 2009, Morrissey said "I am sorry that 'Swords' was such a meek disaster. It was proposed and accepted as a budget-priced CD, yet emerged everywhere as the most expensive CD in the racks. It was poorly distributed and didn't stand a chance, and ranks as the lowest chart position I've ever encountered."