"Don't Make Fun Of Daddy's Voice"
(Morrissey/Alain Whyte)


The musical half of this song goes back to 1998 when it was released by writer Alain Whyte's band Johnny Panic And The Bible Of Dreams with different (non-Morrissey) lyrics, under the title "Paranoia". Morrissey liked the song and wrote his own lyrics to it, likely at some point between the years 2000 and 2002. It was first recorded in 2002 at Cherokee Studio in Los Angeles with guitarists Boz Boorer and Alain Whyte and bassist Gary Day for the audition of drummer Dean Butterworth.

A radio version was recorded on 19 May 2004 for John Peel's programme on BBC1. One other title was recorded on the same radio session. The line-up was the same as above, with the addition of Michael Farrell on keyboards.

The song's definitive version is credited as having been recorded in July 2004 in Los Angeles (likely Conway Studios) with producer Jerry Finn. Musicians on this recording were Boz Boorer (guitar), Jesse Tobias (guitar), Gary Day (bass), "Deano" Butterworth (drums) and "Mikey v Farrell" (keyboards).


single version {2:52}
• 7" single and 2-track cd-single of "Let Me Kiss You"
• Deluxe edition of "You Are The Quarry" album
"Swords" album


John Peel radio session 19 May 2004
Nothing from this 2-song radio session (also including "No One Can Hold A Candle To You") has ever been given an official release, but good sounding recordings of the tracks can be found on various manufactured bootlegs as well as in digital format on the internet.
Lopez Tonight 9 December 2009 [tv]
This is circulated on bootleg video and the audio can be found in digital format on the internet.


This song has been performed live 93 times by Morrissey. It was played 51 times on the 2004 You Are The Quarry tour, which means almost every night with the exception of the occasional break of one or two consecutive dates. It was done a further 26 times in the latter half of the Tour Of The Tormentors MMVI, as a part-timer. After a short break, it returned as a regular for the final 15 dates of the 2009 Swords tour. Morrissey resurrected it in Tokyo on 3 May 2012, but it did not make the setlist again on that tour and has not been played since.

live Manchester 22 May 2004 {3:07}
"Who Put The 'M' In Manchester?" live DVD
live England December 2004 {2:57}
"Live At Earls Court" live album


2002 studio outtake
Cherokee studio outtake has not yet leaked on bootlegs but is in the hands of a few lucky fans and collectors.