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After touring extensively North America, Morrissey crossed the Atlantic for a handful of Scandinavian dates, one in Germany and two in the UK.

Personnel: Boz Boorer, Alain Whyte, Jonny Bridgwood and Spencer Cobrin.


Elcka, although the Smoking Popes had originally been announced.


-Skinny fit "I ♥ Moz" t-shirt. View.

-A black t-shirt with a sepiatone picture of Morrissey sitting in an alley, wearing a plaid short sleeve shirt. Morrissey's name on the back. View.

-White t-shirt with a sepiatone photo of Morrissey sitting on porch steps with a young girl in the background, looking away. Morrissey's name in gold on the back. View.

-White t-shirt with Morrissey circa 1995 wearing a white shirt, jeans, and silver bracelet, one hand caressing his chin; on the back "Wide to Receive" was printed near the hem bottom. View.

-T-shirt with "Morrissey" and "On this glorious occassion of this splendid defeat" crest on the front; "Satan Rejected My Soul" on the back. View.

-The pool shot shirt with a large picture of Robert Wagner and Jeffrey Hunter as on the tour backdrop and "MORRISSEY" written under the photo, was only sold in London. This version was smaller in size and the tour itinerary on the back was altered.

-Poster with the same picture of Morrissey squatting as on the black shirt described above. (image needed)


The intro tape was changed again. The new one was probably similar to the ones from North America earlier in the tour, but also included these reggae songs:
Dave and Ansel Collins: Double Barrel
The Pioneers: Let Your Yeah Be Yeah
Bob and Marcia: Young, Gifted and Black


The Robert Wagner and Jeffrey Hunter in pool backdrop.


The setlist length was fixed at 14 songs for this European leg of the Maladjusted tour. There wasn't any surprise or new addition to what was played in North America before this leg. The solo material all ranged from 1994 to 1997 and three songs from the Smiths years were performed

The set often started with the trio of regulars "Do Your Best And Don't Worry", "The Boy Racer" and "Billy Budd". Other regulars included "Reader Meet Author", "Spring-Heeled Jim", "Alma Matters", "Paint A Vulgar Picture", "Roy's Keen", "Satan Rejected My Soul", "Now My Heart Is Full", "Speedway" and the usual encore of "Shoplifters Of The World Unite".

Besides these, the following few songs were performed now and then to add variety: "Dagenham Dave", "Hold On To Your Friends", "The More You Ignore Me The Closer I Get", the Smiths' "London", "Sunny", "Nobody Loves Us", "The Teachers Are Afraid Of The Pupils" and finally "Ambitious Outsiders" and "Trouble Loves Me".

The latter two songs were added to the setlist in London in order to add exposure to the most recent album "Maladjusted". Otherwise only the three "Maladjusted" singles were part of the setlist, making the latter album less represented than older albums "Southpaw Grammar" (3 regulars, 2 part-timers) and "Vauxhall & I" (4 regulars, 2 part-timers).

Here is the number of times each song was performed on this leg, in descending order of frequency. This is based on 8 concerts.

Alma Matters - 8
Billy Budd - 8
Now My Heart Is Full - 8
Paint A Vulgar Picture - 8
Reader Meet Author - 8
Roy's Keen - 8
Satan Rejected My Soul - 8
Shoplifters Of The World Unite - 8
Speedway - 8
Spring-Heeled Jim - 8
The Boy Racer - 8
Do Your Best And Don't Worry - 7
Hold On To Your Friends - 3
The More You Ignore Me, The Closer I Get - 3
The Teachers Are Afraid Of The Pupils - 3
Dagenham Dave - 2
Trouble Loves Me - 2
Ambitious Outsiders - 1
London - 1
Nobody Loves Us - 1
Sunny - 1

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In the nearly-standard set opener "Do Your Best And Don't Worry", Morrissey often messed with the "this is you on a bad day, you on a pale day" and "this is you on a drab day, you in a drab dress" by making changes such as "This is you on a bad day, you on a sick day". He also sometimes sang "The way you hang yourself" instead of "The way you watch yourself", or vice versa. In "The Boy Racer", Morrissey often muffled the word 'kill' in "I'm gonna kill him". In "Now My Heart Is Full", he made the line "just some rain-coated lovers' puny brothers" easier to sing by dropping the word 'puny' from it. He also sang "I was tired again" instead "I'm tired again". "Ambitious Outsiders" was dramatized by Morrissey by using lights to make shadow puppets on the ceiling. In "Roy's Keen" Morrissey replaced "I will be set alight" by "but that's alright" and skipped the whole "Don't say you'll hold it steady... (to) we trust you to wreck it" verse. He also sometimes sang "He's romancing you and chancing his arm, he'll be here frowning on time" instead of "...smiling on time"

In "Paint A Vulgar Picture" Morrissey still sang "please depressing Belgians" instead of "please the press in Belgium", "I just haven't earned it yet, baby" and "what makes most people feel happy still leads me headlong into harm". However halfway into these dates he returned to the album version's "BPI, MTV, BBC, Please them! Please them!" or at best he did the half-change "BPI, MTV, BBC, oh kiss their arses". The last verse of that song was always dropped, bringing up the ending after the first occurrence of "me and my true love will never meet again". In "Reader Meet Author" Morrissey often changed a line to "I say, have you ever escaped from a shipwrecked life?" and sometimes sang "If a fight broke out here tonight, I'd be the first away because I'm that type".

In "Speedway", the intro lines "And when you slam down the hammer can you see it in your heart?" were dropped and Morrissey changed a line to "when you try to break my spirit, it just won't happen". In "Spring-Heeled Jim", he now rarely changed "well it's the normal thing to do" to "as long as it's the normal thing to do" but always followed that line with "... ah yes!". In "Satan Rejected My Soul" Morrissey often changed a line to "You'll never see all the crap in life it's cost me" or "You'll never see all the shit in life it's cost me". He also sometimes sang "I'm really sly" instead of "It's really sly". At the end of the song, where he usually sang "pull me in" and "haul me in", Morrissey often added "take me in", "shove me in", "tug me in", "drag me in", "push me in" or "kick me in". In the few performances of "The Teachers Are Afraid Of The Pupils", the two verses starting with "Say the wrong word" were dropped so the live version wouldn't last 10 minutes like the song does on "Southpaw Grammar". However the sample at the end wasn't dropped.


At this point in time, nothing from these dates has been made available on official releases.


At this point in time video bootlegs are circulated from the Gothenburg and London-Battersea concerts, both fan-made and filmed from the audience. Gothenburg happens to be one of the best video bootlegs for the whole Maladjusted tour because it is a montage of clear and steady footage from two different angles and there are nice close-ups. The Battersea Power Station footage was filmed from the rear stands, is clear, and features good close-ups of the screens next to the stage.


Only four of the eight dates of this final leg of the Maladjusted tour are available on audio bootlegs at this point in time. Soundwise the best option is Chester, followed by Gothenburg, London then Helsinki. As for content, all four dates have very similar setlists. Neither feature rare performances or anything not available on earlier 1997 bootlegs.