"Southpaw Grammar" [original edition]
August/September 1995


The Teachers Are Afraid Of The Pupils
Reader Meet Author
The Boy Racer
The Operation
Dagenham Dave
Do You Best And Don't Worry
Best Friend On The Payroll

UK CD [RCA 29953 2]
UK CS [RCA 29953 4]
UK LP [RCA 29953 1]
Australia CD [RCA 29953 2]
Australia CS [RCA 29953 4]
Brazil CD [RCA 29953 2]
Brazil CS [RCA 29953 4]
Canada CD [Reprise CDW 45939]
Canada CD [Columbia House W2 45939; record club edition]
Canada CS [Reprise 24 59394]
EEC CD [RCA 743212995329]
India CD [BMG Crescendo 50536]
Indonesia CS [RCA/BMG 8727]
Japan CD [BMG Victor BVCP-860]
Korea CD [BMG/Victor BMGRD-1186]
Malaysia CS [BMG Malaysia 29953 4]
Philippines CS [RCA/BMG Philippines 29953 4]
Russia CD [RCA/Sony BMG Russia 88697 17750 2]
Saudi Arabia CS [RCA/Stallion Records 29953 4]
South Africa CD [BMG CDRCA(WF)4116]
South Africa CS [BMG ??]
Taiwan CD [BMG 29953 2]
Thailand CS [RCA/BMG 72431299534]
Turkey CS [BMG Turkey 74321299534]
USA CD [Reprise 9 45939-2]
USA CD [Columbia House W2 45939; record club edition]
USA CD [BMG Direct D103530; record club edition]
USA CD [Rhino Flashback 45939-2 - 2009 reissue]
USA CS [Reprise 9 45939-4]

Additional information:
The LP includes a photo booklet unavailable with other formats. See scans in left frame.

The album was reissued in 2009 with different artwork and 4 bonus tracks. See expanded edition information.


Artwork information:
Cover star is boxer Kenny Lane, taken from the April 1963 issue of The Ring (vol. XLIII no.3). The full picture (not just the head) was later used by Morrissey to promote the 1999 "Oye Esteban" tour, but the magazine photo mentioned above only had the head shot. View full original here. The Brazilian issue has the RCA logo in the corner in fuschia pink.


Additional release date information:
UK: 28 August 1995
Japan: 6 September 1995
USA/Canada: 12 September 1995
USA (2009 reissue): 3 February 2009


Chart peak information:
UK: 4
Australia: 74
Canada: 35
Sweden: 14
USA: 66


UK: Silver on 1 September 1995


UK: This album was promoted by BMG/RCA only through its singles. A very limited promo package included a sportsbag, a promo cassette and a Dagenham Dave XL t-shirt with "Morrissey 10" on it (view). A joint David Bowie/Morrissey sampler cd was distributed to promote Bowie's Outside tour for which Morrissey was the opening act, promoting this album. The cd (SOLO1) featured one Bowie song plus Morrissey's "The Boy Racer". It was distributed with a photo of each artist and a press release with press cuttings.

Argentina: "Dagenham Dave" was included on a various artists promo cd numbered PCD147, possibly for promotion of this album.

Brazil: "The Boy Racer" was included on a various artists promo double-cd set titled "Rock Hits BMG Nov 1995" (BMG GR CD 169) sent to radio at the time of release of this album.

Germany: Copies of the UK cd were sent to radio paired with a 'Product Facts' press release. The cd cases have a 'Unverkäufliches Muster' sticker on the back. Promo cassettes with a red and white insert were also produced.

Israel: "Dagenham Dave" was included on a various artists promo sampler titled "New Music Fall '95".

Japan: Promo cds were sent to radio with a red and white promo sticker on the case and 'SAMPLE' etched on the cd's inner ring.

Taiwan: "Dagenham Dave" was included on a BMG various artists promo sampler titled "1995 volume 5". "The Boy Racer" was included on a BMG various artists promo sampler titled "1996 volume 1".

USA: Advance cds (2-45939-A) were sent to radio with a white front insert listing titles. Later, stamped copies of the stock cd were used for promotion. These were occasionally paired with a 4-page press kit including a 8x10 photo of Morrissey. A two-track cd (Sire/Reprise, PRO-CD-7789) of "The Boy Racer" was also sent to radio for promotion of this album. The cd features the album version and a unique edit. View artwork in left frame. "Dagenham Dave" was included on a Warner various artists promo sampler cd titled "Blake Goes To College episode 4" (PRO-CD-7824). The videos for both "Dagenham Dave" and "The Boy Racer" were included on a various artists video compilation titled "Your Ulterior Motives Dept Presents Our Favorite WB and Reprise Videos, September 95".



"Southpaw Grammar is the school of hard knocks. It's coming up the hard way and taking your bruises with you."
- Morrissey, Q magazine, September 1995

"We had started the Southpaw Grammar album in the south of France, but the deserted farmhouse atmosphere seemed all wrong, and we returned to England where everything clicked with a killing. The band is now in impressive strike: Spencer's drumming winning out magnificently and Alain delivering a showstopping slam of inventive guitar and crowning backing vocals. Boz remained the star in the firmament, orchestrating and pointing the way."
- Morrissey, "Autobiography"