"Subway Train"


Morrissey has only done the first few lines of this New York Dolls song on his tour of 2004 as an intro to "Everyday Is Like Sunday" (most of the tour) or "Munich Air Disaster 1958" (last few gigs). Here are the lines he sang, reprinted without permission, as they are heard on his live album "Live At Earls Court" (the only official audio release of this song at this point in time).

I can't ever
Why my life has been
Cursed, poisoned and
When I've been trying every night
To hold ya near me
I'm telling you
It ain't easy 1


1 In most live performances of the song Morrissey actually sang "It isn't easy". Now and then he would follow that line with "believe me!" or a variation such as "Jesus!" or "it really isn't!". This can be heard on Morrissey's live album "Live At Earls Court".

Here is the remainder of the song which Morrissey never did. Lyrics are reprinted as they appear in official New York Dolls releases, including grammatical mistakes.

Ever since I been
Ridin, right on the
Subway Train
You can hear the whistle blowin
Wa might think I'm goin insane
And now your friends
They're fillin up my car
But your so busy readin Suzy says
Ya can't look now
You didn't see your lovers
There all just in rags
Ya know ya hid as pushin up posies
Tryin get ya fed
We was all
Ridin, right on the
Subway Train
And you can hear the captain shoutin
He thinks I've gone insane
Cus I keep
Ridin, keep on
Ridin, cus I keep on
Ridin ridin ridin, keep on
Ridin, yeah
You stop and you stare,
As I'm lieavin my favorite place
We have no regards
Ya can't find a trace
Ya gotta get on back to daddy
That's all its gonna be
He got the poison black arts of the pimps
But don't ya st- st-
I seen em travelin
Right on the
Subway Train
Ya can hear th captain shou-ow-tin
He thinks weve all gone insane
Cus we keep on
Ridin ridin ridin
Ridin, cus we keep
Ridin ridin ridin
Keep on ridin
I think a see the train
I see ya got open track
I'm hopin
One of those gonna bring my baby back
(Cus I guess I said)
Dinah wontcha blow
Dinah wontcha blow your horn
Dinah wontcha blow
Dinah wontcha blow your horn
Someones in the kitchen with Dinah
I know whoa whoa whoa
I said someones in th kitchen with Dinah
I know
I keep on
Ridin ridin ridin