"Glass Menagerie (Belfast)"


This is an instrumental from the Miraval sessions during which Morrissey recorded early versions of most of the material for his "Southpaw Grammar" album. This doesn't exist with lyrics, but it is assumed elements of the song later evolved into "The Teachers Are Afraid Of The Pupils". The words given below are from the film sample heard in the background at the beginning and the end of the piece. The sample is assumed to have been lifted from the 1950 film adaptation by Irving Rapper of the Tennessee Williams' play "The Glass Menagerie". The words are spoken by Tom, to the audience.

Across the alley from us was the Paradise Dance Hall. On evenings in Spring the windows and doors were open and the music came outdoors. Sometimes the lights would be turned out except for a large glass sphere that hung from the ceiling. It would turn slowly about and filter the dusk with delicate rainbow colors. Then the orchestra played a waltz or a tango, something that had a slow and sensuous rhythm. Couples would come outside, to the relative privacy of the alley. You could see them kissing behind ash pits and telephone poles. This was the compensation for lives that passed like mine, without any change or adventure. But adventure and change were imminent in this year. They were waiting around the corner for all these kids. Suspended in the mist over Berchtesgaden, caught in the folds of Chamberlain's umbrella. In Spain there was Guernica! But here there was only hot swing music and liquor, dance halls, bars, and movies, and sex that hung in the gloom like a chandelier and flooded the world with brief, deceptive rainbows...



The first sentence is omitted in the intro of the song but can be heard when the sample is repeated at the end of the piece.

The text above usually ends with the words "All the world was waiting for bombardments!", but this was dropped from the sample.