"Ambitious Outsiders"
(Morrissey/Alain Whyte)


The song was very likely written during 1996, or at the latest during the recording session for the "Maladjusted" album at Hook End Manor in January 1997, with producer Steve Lillywhite. Musicians on this recording were Martin aka Boz Boorer (guitars, clarinet), Alain Whyte (guitars, piano, backing vocals), Jonny Bridgwood (bass) and Spencer James Cobrin (drums). Before being rechristened "Maladjusted", Morrissey's 1997 album was actually going to share its title with this song.


album version {3:55}
"Maladjusted" album, original edition
"Maladjusted" album, redesigned edition [remastered 2009]


This song has never been performed specifically for radio, television or the web.


This song has been performed live 35 times by Morrissey, all on the 1997 Maladjusted tour. It was played more regularly at the start of that tour, then sporadically towards the end of the year.

There are no officially released live recordings of the song at this point in time.


No demos or studio outtakes of this song have leaked to the general public at this point in time.



In the 2009 expanded and redesigned edition of the "Maladjusted" album, Morrissey said that this song "...is my favorite track [on this album], and so well put together."

Morrissey, in an interview to KROQ (Los Angeles radio station) in 1997, when told that "...this song Ambitious Outsiders which sounds like this evil child-murdering-incorporated NAMBLA theme", answered: "Not quite, not quite. But it's creeping towards it, definitely. But a great song, I think, I'm very proud of it. (Interviewer: Yeah, eerie as hell...) Well, I like music to be slightly dangerous. I do - I like it to be pushed. There's not really much point making safe music, I don't think."