"Smiler With Knife"
(Morrissey/Jesse Tobias)


These words are transcribed without permission the way they appear in Morrissey's "World Peace Is None Of Your Business" album. Additions to the printed lyrics are in darker text while omissions are striken out.

See in me the side of you
that sometimes makes you jump with fright
smiler with knife it's your big night

Sinking bed all warm and clean
only sadness waits for me
smiler with knife, you're just in time
you're just in time

Press the blade against my skin
never to make love again
smiler with knife, it's alright

Surrendered will I am before you
I am sick to death of life
smiler with knife - alight

If such things weren't meant to be
then they would never come to me
smiler, oh, don't worry so

Slam-in one-shot gentle pain
someone calling out my name
sex and love are not the same
are not the same

Time has frittered long and slow
all I am and was will go
but where to?
and why now?

When my last breath falls away
smiler trust me when I say
you'll be OK
you'll be OK.