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German 2-cd front 1-cd back

"World Peace Is None Of Your Business"
July 2014


World Peace Is None Of Your Business
Neal Cassady Drops Dead
I'm Not A Man
Earth Is The Loneliest Planet
Staircase At The University
The Bullfighter Dies
Kiss Me A Lot
Smiler With Knife
Kick The Bride Down The Aisle
Oboe Concerto

Europe CD [Harvest 378165-6]
Europe 2-LP [Harvest 378165-7]
Australia CD [Harvest 3781656]
Argentina CD [Harvest 3781656]
Brazil CD [Harvest 060253781656]
Korea CD [Harvest DE31094/378 165-6]
USA CD [Harvest 2537816569]
USA 2-LP [Harvest 2537816576]
USA 2-LP [Harvest/Hot Topic ??]


The deluxe digital edition features the above plus
One Of Our Own
Drag The River
Forgive Someone
Julie In The Weeds

Europe 2-CD [Harvest ??] Europe boxset [Harvest 2537891344] Canada 2-CD [Harvest 2537852567] Japan 2-CD [Harvest UICC 10006/7] Mexico 2-CD [Harvest 3285256] Taiwan 2-CD [Harvest 3785256] USA 2-CD [Harvest ??]


Additional information:
The second cd in the 2-disc edition is enhanced and also features the spoken-word videos for the songs "World Peace Is None Of Your Business", "Istanbul", "Earth Is The Loneliest Planet" and "The Bullfighter Dies".

In many countries the album could be bought in 9 different bundles including different configurations or all of the following items: standard cd, standard LP, deluxe digital album, t-shirt featuring the album artwork, lithograph, 12 lyric sheets, poster featuring your and other fans' names within artwork, autographed copy of the UK Penguin Classics version of Morrissey’s Autobiography.

Album website here.


Artwork information:
Morrissey at the time of recording of the "World Peace Is None Of Your Business" album. The original image was taken in Avignon, France near the La Fabrique studio where the latter album was recorded, but the background was changed for this album's artwork. The image on some formats/origin was more altered than on others, showing a bad case of Photoshop's clone stamp tool in the form repeated patterns on the wall to Morrissey's right (our left). The artwork for the deluxe 2-cd edition suffers from this, but not the LP format.


Additional release date information:
UK: 14 July 2014
Argentina: 3 July 2014
Germany: 11 July 2014
Japan: 18 July 2014
USA, Canada: 15 July 2014


Chart information:
UK: 2
Austria: 17
Belgium (Wallonia): 13
Belgium (Flanders): 7
Denmark: 2
Finland: 24
France: 53
Germany: 8
Holland: 28
Ireland: 4
Italy: 21
Norway: 42
Spain: 24
Sweden: 30
Switzerland: 30
USA: 14


UK: The releases of this album as well as the "Istanbul" digital single were promoted with the help of a one-track cd of the song "Istanbul" distributed inside a soft PVC sleeve with a colour insert showing the usual artwork. An artist information sticker is found on the back of the PVC sleeve.

France: The release of this album was promoted with the help of a one-track cd of "Istanbul" sent around inside a soft PVC sleeve with a colour insert showing the usual artwork.

USA: The release of this album was promoted with the help of a 4-track cd [Harvest, no catalogue number] in jewelcase featuring the usual artwork on the front. The promo features the album's title track as well as the 3 other album tracks also featured as the latter song's b-sides when released as a single.