(Morrissey/Boz Boorer)


These words are transcribed without permission the way they appear in Morrissey's "World Peace Is None Of Your Business" album. Additions to the printed lyrics are in darker text while omissions are striken out.

The Joy brings many things
it cannot bring you joy
sons of mothers huddled here
man and boy

1850 swung the doors
and human sewage swept inside
where victims speak in whines
and where the hardened cry

I was sent here by a
three-foot half-wit in a wig
I took his insults on the chin
and never did I flinch

A swagger hides the fear in here
by this rule we breathe
and there is no one upon on this earth
whom I'd feel sad to leave

You see
we all lose
we all lose

What those in power do to you
reminds us at a glance
how humans hate each others guts
and show it given a chance

We never say aloud the things
that we say in our prayers
'cos no one cares

Many executed here
by the awful lawfully good
but the only thing that makes me
is when I see the sky

Brendan Behan's laughter rings
for what he had or hadn't done
for he knew then
as I know now
that for each and every one
of us
we all lose
rich or poor
we all lose
rich or poor
we all lose.