"America Is Not The World"
(Morrissey/Alain Whyte)


These words are transcribed without permission the way they appear in the Deluxe Edition of "You Are The Quarry" (the lyrics in the regular edition are incorrect). Additions to the printed lyrics are in darker text while omissions are striken out.

America / your head's too big / because
America / your belly's too big
and I love you / I just wish you'd stay where
you is / in 1
America / the land of the Free, they said
and of opportunity / in a Just and a Truthful way
but where the President
is never black, female or gay
and until that day
you've got nothing to say to me
to help me believe / in
America / it brought you the hamburger / well
America / you know where
you can shove your hamburger
and don't you wonder
why in Estonia they say
"hey you, you big fat pig" / "you fat pig"
"you fat pig" - ?
Steely-blue eyes / with no love in them
scan the world
and a humourless smile with no warmth
within / greets the world
and I / I have got nothing / to offer you
No no no no no
just this heart deep and true
which you say you don't need
See with your eyes
touch with your hands - please
hear through your ears 2
know in your soul - please 2
for haven't you me with you now?
and I love you 3
I love you
I love you
and I love you
I love you
I love you


1 When he did this song in America on the You Are The Quarry tour Morrissey stuck to this line, but when he did it again in Dublin Ireland he changed it to "I once loved you but you wouldn't stay where you is".

2 In the booklet of the original version of "You Are The Quarry", these lines were reversed. The error was corrected in the deluxe edition of the album.

3 When he did this song in America on the You Are The Quarry tour Morrissey stuck to this line, but when he did it again in Dublin Ireland he changed it to "I once loved you".

Note: it is believed the sample heard at the very end of the song is "We are all innocent".



Morrissey, in an interview published in Sonic in 2004, was questioned about the lyrics of this song: "Yeah, no nuances, no ambiguity at all. I didn't care much for being subtle this time. There's just not time for that. And America really isn't the world. If you are opposed to that you will appear as an idiot."

In a Q&A published on the True-To-You website the following year, he was asked about his mention of Estonia: "I imagined the sexy and sharp people of Estonia - which is not considered to be a world leader in anything, as far as I know - looking at the Burger King fast-food hell of the modern American food industry, and actually feeling sorry for Americans. America is frightening when it comes to food. Top priority advertising is given to anything at all that basically endangers people - from flesh 'food' to heavy sugar to heavy salt. Gelatin is thrown into everything in America - and for what? Whereas, any foodstuffs that would help people - organic or vegetarian - are deliberately hard to find. The American Meat Industry constantly fights against food safety laws, and the Bush Administration routinely repeals food safety legislation. Half a million Americans have been contaminated by E. Coli, hundreds of children have died because contaminated meat is given to schools, and the country leads the way in obesity, kidney failure, and disabilities caused by bad diet. However, turn on American television any moment of the day, and you are sandblasted with commercials for ground beef and Yum-Yums. It's astonishing that the entire population of America hasn't been killed off by its own food industry - the food industry is certainly trying, and it is more of a threat to the American people than so-called 'terrorism' is."