19 March 1984
City Hall, Sheffield
Set list unknown.
A film intended as a tour souvenir for the band, roadies and tour staff was put together in 1984 by sound engineer Grant Showbiz with Jonathan Barnett and Hetty Church using stage, soundcheck and backstage footage filmed on this date. Live performances shown in the film include "Reel Around The Fountain", "Barbarism Begins At Home", "Still Ill", "Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now", "Hand in Glove", "Pretty Girls Make Grave" (outro), "This Charming Man", "What Difference Does It Make", "Back To The Old House" and "Handsome Devil".

Soundcheck footage include an instrumental track, probably an unreleased song. Footage of the Smiths performing "What Difference Does It Make?" on Top Of The Pops and of opening band the Telephone Boxes was also included in the film. Excerpts, particularly that of Johnny giving Morrissey a guitar lesson or Morrissey dancing on stage and throwing his arms in the air, were used by Sire in the USA for the "How Soon Is Now?" video. The film was webcast in five installments by deo.com in March 2001 as part of the celebrations for the 25th anniversary of Rough Trade. The footage of the whole show was shown at the Smiths Convention in Pasadena, California in February 1997.

The setlist was possibly the same or very similar to that of the previous night's concert. Set opener was definitely "Hand In Glove", set closer "What Difference Does It Make?", and "Reel Around The Fountain" and "Handsome Devil" were played as encores.

In the latter part of "Barbarism Begins At Home", Morrissey and Johnny, who had nothing to do, danced around while Andy was busing taking care of bass duties. For encore "Reel Around The Fountain", Morrissey returned to the stage with a fresh bouquet of flowers which he shook while singing the song, until there was no petals or leaves left on the stems.

Tickets were 3.50.


The tour souvenir mentioned above has leaked on the internet.

Au audience recording of this concert is available from certain bootleg traders, but it is not found on file sharing networks yet. The only audio of this date in circulation at this point in time is the one ripped from the tour souvenir mentioned above.


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