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Morrissey ended a hugely successful return to the stage as a solo artist with a second tour of North America.

Dates scheduled in Worcester, Albany, New York, Philadelphia, Washington, Williamsburg, Chapel Hill, Birmingham, New Orleans, Lakeland and Miami at the tail end of the tour were cancelled. After over 6 months of touring everywhere and doing television, radio and magazine interviews almost constantly, exhaustion must have had the better of Morrissey. It was time to kill "Kill Uncle" and move on to the next album.

Most if not all of these concerts were filmed and/or recorded for possible future release, but at this point in time, none of it has seen the light of day.

Personnel: Boz Boorer - guitars, Alain Whyte - guitars, Gary Day - bass and Spencer Cobrin - drums. Morrissey played tambourine at the beginning and the end of "The Loop". Both times the tambourines ended up being thrown into the crowd.


The Planet Rockers.


-Poster of Morrissey at Vallance Road, with tour dates printed over (view)
-Poster of Morrissey leaning on a car (image needed).
-A badge, possibly this one showing Harvey Keitel.
-The programme for this second leg showed Harvey Keitel on the cover instead of Edith Sitwell. There was a new advert inside for the "My Love Life" single (view).
-White t-shirt showing Harvey Keitel on the front and "Morrissey 1991" on the back (view).
-Black mock turtle neck long sleeves shirt with Vallance Road Morrissey photo above the line "Have you ever seen a biscuit tin at midnight" on the front; "Morrissey 1991" on the back, in yellow (view). 40$.


Sandie Shaw: "You've Not Changed"
T-Rex: "Metal Guru"
Lulu: "Boom-Bang-A-Lang"
Twinkle: "Golden Lights"
Ronnie Dawson: "Rockin' In A Cemetery"
Honor Blackman and Patrick MacNee: "Kinky Boots"
Elvis Presley: "I Need Your Love Tonight"
Nathan Abshire: "French Two-Step"
Ramones: "Beat On The Brat"
Morrissey and his band entered stage after Klaus Nomi's "Wayward Sisters". The audience exited the venue to Shirley Bassey's "Ave Maria".

The following songs were supposedly also played on the Kill Uncle tour, and very likely on this leg or the previous one:
Diana Dors: "So Little Time"
Cilla Black: "Work Is A Four Letter Word"
The Honeycombs: "Something I Have To Tell You"
Hank Mizell: "Jungle Rock"
Billy Fury: "Gonna Type A Letter"
David Bowie: "The Laughing Gnome"
Eddie Cochran: "Nervous Breakdown"
Planet Rockers: "There'll Be No More Crying The Blues"
Herman's Hermits: "East West"
Herman's Hermits: "Mrs. Brown You've Got A Lovely Daughter"
T Rex: "Cosmic Dancer"
Sandie Shaw: "Voice In The Crowd"
The Kinks: "Dandy"
Herman's Hermits: "Wonderful World"
New York Dolls: "Trash"
Billy Fury: "Halfway To Paradise"
Marianne Faithful: "Come Stay With Me"
Dusty Springfield: "You Don't Have To Say You Love Me"
Sandie Shaw: "Jeane"
Tommy Roe: "Sheila" (unconfirmed)


The backdrops used on this leg were those showing Harvey Keitel (view original and in situ), Elvis Presley (view in situ and in situ closeup; original photo needed) and Diana Dors (view in situ; original photo needed). It is possible that all three were used every night. It was the case in Nassau and Mountain View: the show started with the Harvey Keitel backdrop, which was changed to the Diana Dors one about halfway through. The Elvis backdrop was shown during the encore.


The average setlist length for the final leg of the Kill Uncle tour varied between 18 or 19 songs when the concert was not cut short. The highlight was the introduction of the new track "We Hate It When Our Friends Become Successful" which wouldn't be released until the middle of the following year. New composition "Pashernate Love", album track "Driving Your Girlfriend Home" and single "My Love Life" which were played live for the first time just a few weeks earlier in the UK were also on the setlist.

Besides the above four, the backbone of the setlist here consisted of "November Spawned A Monster", "Alsatian Cousin", "The Loop", "King Leer", "Sister I'm A Poet", "Piccadilly Palare", "Everyday Is Like Sunday", "The Last Of The Famous International Playboys", "Asian Rut", "Angel, Angel, Down We Go Together", "Suedehead" and "Disappointed".

Ex-regulars "Our Frank", "Interesting Drug" and "Mute Witness" were performed on a few early dates, while "Sing Your Life" was completely forgotten. "I've Changed My Plea To Guilty", "There Is A Place In Hell For Me And My Friends" and "Pregnant For The Last Time" were performed only on a few later dates. The setlists were rounded up with covers of the Jam's "That's Entertainment" or the New York Dolls' "Trash".

Here is the number of times each song was performed on this leg, in descending order of frequency. This is based on 9 concerts for which the setlist is known.

Alsatian Cousin - 9
Driving Your Girlfriend Home - 9
King Leer - 9
November Spawned A Monster - 9
Piccadilly Palare - 9
Sister I'm A Poet - 9
The Loop - 9
Angel, Angel, Down We Go Together - 8
Disappointed - 8 (7 times with "Cosmic Dancer" intro)
Everyday Is Like Sunday - 8
My Love Life - 8
Pashernate Love - 8
Suedehead - 8
We Hate It When Our Friends Become Successful - 8
Asian Rut - 7
The Last Of The Famous International Playboys - 7
Our Frank - 6
Interesting Drug - 5
I've Changed My Plea To Guilty - 3
That's Entertainment - 3 (once with "Cosmic Dancer" intro)
Pregnant For The Last Time - 2
There's A Place In Hell For Me And My Friends - 2
Mute Witness - 1
Trash - 1

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"Disappointed" was performed with a false start of "Cosmic Dancer" on all dates bar one, as on the previous UK leg. The band would start playing "Cosmic Dancer", and after one line of vocal, they would abruptly switch to the intro to "Disappointed". The latter was played as the main set closer or at the very end of the encore, making it possible for Morrissey to introduce a new dramatic ending. After the line "This is the last song I will ever sing", the music suddenly stopped, Morrissey dropped his microphone and left stage followed by his musicians.

At the end of "That's Entertainment", the band always broke into a frantic drum and guitar frenzy not in the studio version. In Santa Monica, that song was played with an intro of "Cosmic Dancer" the way "Disappointed" was, as described above. "November Spawned A Monster" was now performed with a different live intro that sounds in retrospect like the studio intro to "Your Gonna Need Someone On Your Side" (the song would only be released the following year).

In "The Last Of The Famous International Playboys", Morrissey usually sang "just to make myself attracted to you", and on a few occasions he even sang "just to make myself less attracted to you", but he remained faithful to the studio version by not reversing Reggie and Ronnie Kray's names as he often did earlier. In "Everyday Is Like Sunday", he made the usual changes "scratch on a postcard" and "please come, please come nuclear bomb" and occasionally added some forgotten ones like "back down to the bench where your clothes were stolen" and "I do believe this is the coastal town". At the end of "Sister I'm A Poet", Morrissey constantly changed a line to "A plastic bag stranded at the lights, this once was me". In "Pregnant For The Last Time", the line "If ever we had the nerve to" was sometimes changed to "If ever we had the chance to" and "And people being nice for the very first time" to "...the very last time".


This complete concert from Mountain View's Shoreline Amphitheater was officially released in 2014 on the bonus DVD that came with the redesigned cd edition of the "Your Arsenal" album.


Three dates from this period in time are in circulation. Audience video recordings of the complete Vancouver and Long Island concerts are limitedly available on bootlegs DVDs. The footage of the former is often obstructed, but the quality is still rather nice. The filming of the latter was done from the right balcony and the footage is relatively steady with minor obstructions.

The professionally filmed concert from Mountain View's Shoreline Amphitheater was the best option in this category until the show was finally given an official release in 2014 (see 'official releases' above).


The best recording for this final section of the "Kill Uncle" tour is the soundboard one circulated for the Westwood/LA concert. The full concert is available on bootlegs titled "Frankly Vulgar", "UCLA 91" or "There's A Place In L.A. For Me And My Friends" (the latter a 2-cd set with other concerts).

Unfortunately the latter concert was aborted after nine songs, so fans who want to hear more from this period in Morrissey's live career will have to seek the other recordings in circulation, all audience ones, therefore of inferior quality. Three songs from Mountain View (San Francisco) are easily found on "His Master's Voice", but fans will prefer one of two untitled fair-quality audience recordings of the full concert.

One of two audience recordings available for the Vancouver gig features the full concert in reasonable quality. Long Island is available in full, but the sound is not very good. The recordings for San Diego and Chicago are incomplete and sound rather poor.

All of the above is circulated on the internet.

If the sound quality is less important than the content, the earlier concerts in this section feature ex-regulars "Interesting Drug" and "Our Frank" while the later ones include part-timers "I've Changed My Plea To Guilty", "There Is A Place In Hell For Me And My Friends" or "Pregnant For The Last Time". Vancouver doesn't have new composition "We Hate It When Our Friends Become Successful" (added on the following date), but has ex-regulars "Mute Witness" and "That's Entertainment".