25 April 2006
Caird Hall, Dundee

First Of The Gang To Die
Still Ill
You Have Killed Me
The Youngest Was The Most Loved
Reader Meet Author
To Me You Are A Work Of Art
My Life Is A Succession Of People Saying Goodbye
Girlfriend In A Coma
Let Me Kiss You
At Last I Am Born
Life Is A Pigsty
Trouble Loves Me
I Just Want To See The Boy Happy
On The Streets I Ran
A Song From Under The Floor Boards
I Will See You In Far Off Places
How Soon Is Now?
/Irish Blood, English Heart
This concert wasn't as well received as the previous few ones. The sound in Caird Hall, an old Victorian Theatre, was not the best, Morrissey was drowned by the bass and drums. This might have been the reason why the audience - apart from the moshers in the front - wasn't very lively. Still there were many requests for Smiths-era material and the biggest cheers were for the Smiths stuff, which probably means that the Dundee crowd wasn't that much interested in the new material. Throughout Morrissey was still in great spirits, in good form and particularly talkative.

The setlist was more or less the same as the past few dates. The only change was the return of the Magazine cover "A Song From Under The Floorboards" whose place in the setlist had been taken by the New York Dolls cover "Human Being" on the previous date.

As he entered stage with a fanmade banner that said "To us you are a work of Art", Morrissey greeted the audience in a Scottish accent with the words "With your mask and pipe and drum!". There was the now usual frantic reception for "First Of The Gang To Die" after which Morrissey greeted the audience "Welcome to some extremely brutal music". After recent single "You Have Killed Me", Morrissey introduced its followup "The Youngest Was The Most Loved" with "And shockingly we have a new single... and it goes nothing like this..." After that, he commented again on one of his recent releases, this time his newest album: "Thank you for buying 'Ringleader Of The Tormentors'... Anything helps..."

In "Reader Meet Author", after singing "Have you ever escaped from a shipwrecked life", Morrissey shouted "Yes!". After the song he acknowledged the presence of many familiar faces in the front rows: "It's very nice to see many of the irregular regulars here." He then pointed to various people he recognized and said "Ha!" for each for them, before resuming "And you, are you a regular? And Julia is the ringleader of course (crowd boos) Oh shut up! They're jealous of you Julia." After "To Me You Are A Work Of Art" Morrissey changed in a fresh shirt, after throwing the white one he had been wearing thus far into the audience: "I feel much safer in black. White makes me gibberish... not very attractive..."

After "My Life Is A Succession Of People Saying Goodbye", Morrissey did the customary band introduction: "They will of course do anything... Would you say hello to Boz Boorer... busy Boz Boorer... To the extremely tough Gary Day... To our favourite drummer Matt Walker... (in a staccato Spanish accent:) To Mr. Hot Sauce, Jesse Tobias... And to Michael Farrell... (in a singing voice:) And I am the father who must be killed..." This might have been thought of as an introduction to the song "The Father Who Must Be Killed" (which had yet to be performed live), but the next song on the setlist was "Girlfriend In A Coma".

On his next intervention, perhaps because he saw many of them pointed at him, Morrissey enquired "How did you live before mobile phones?", making a face. Then after "Let Me Kiss You" he said "We hope you enjoyed our very good friends Sons and Daughters... (cheers) We've been traveling from Scottish city to Scottish city... (more cheers) just to see if anybody actually likes us... (even more cheers) and we've actually found that everybody does... which is helpful!"

As was now customary on this tour, "Trouble Loves Me" was preceded by a few bars of a well known local song. For the third night in a row the chosen song was the Scottish anthem "The Bonnie Bonnie Banks of Loch Lomond" After that Morrissey returned to the subject of their Scottish jaunt: "Tomorrow our little wagon goes to... Greenock! (probably with irony:) And we're very excited... They have some great shops there... shoe shops... (in a Scottish accent:) Anything you need, Greenock!"

Shortly after that Morrissey introduced his cover of Magazine's "A Song From Under The Floorboards" with "This is an old song from Manch-fester, MANCH-fester, MANCHESTER!" Because there wasn't much response to his introduction, Morrissey then said "You may scream!" He probably wasn't very satisfied either with the audience's reception after the song because he then said "I take it Magazine didn't exactly rip the lid off Dundee then! But then who did... I hope..." For some reason he didn't make most of the usual lyric changes in the middle of "I Will See You In Far Off Places".

The fan favourite "How Soon Is Now?" with its very percussive ending brought the set to a close then everyone exited stage for a short break. When they returned Morrissey and his musicians lined up at the front of the stage and all bowed at once with their arms around one another. Everyone then returned to their usual spot and Morrissey announced "Thanks for having us back... (cheers) we feel very priviledged and humbled and (Scottish accent:) Greenock here we come!" After a very energetic performance of "Irish Blood, English Heart" Morrissey ended the show with a simple "Ciao!". During the latter encore, knowing that this was the last call, there were a few brave attempts by fans to get on stage. However, Morrissey's security guard was successful in stopping every attempt.

Thanks to Gary Black for review collaboration.


A rather good fanmade audio recording of the complete set is circulated on bootlegs, including the internet (recorder: Confiteor).

A video recording of the complete concert is also available on bootlegs (recorder G.O'G.). The footage is close, but shaky. This is not commonly found in original form. It is usually traded as a montage with more static footage from Aberdeen (same recorder). This montage also has the Confiteor audio track mentioned above dubbed over. Inserted somewhere in there is the New York Dolls cover "Human Being" from Stirling (same recorder) because it hadn't been performed at neither Dundee or Aberdeen. The audio of "The Father Who Must Be Killed" from Greenock (following day) is also inserted halfway through, over a slideshow of 2004 and 2006 Morrissey photos.


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