20 April 2006
Town Hall, Leeds

First Of The Gang To Die
Still Ill
You Have Killed Me
The Youngest Was The Most Loved
Reader Meet Author
On The Streets I Ran
My Life Is A Succession Of People Saying Goodbye
Girlfriend In A Coma
Let Me Kiss You
At Last I Am Born
To Me You Are A Work Of Art
I Will See You In Far Off Places
I Just Want To See The Boy Happy
Trouble Loves Me
Life Is A Pigsty
A Song From Under The Floor Boards
How Soon Is Now?
/Irish Blood, English Heart
Above setlist is in approximate order. "Trouble Loves Me" found its way back into it.

Morrissey seemed to enjoy himself quite a lot in Leeds. He was in great form, very theatrical as usual, quite talkative and mentioned how he loved the city and the crowd more than once. The fans were very up for it but a barrier kept them at a distance. Still, the man reached over it and shook many hands.

Morrissey came on stage with his shirt tied in a knot in front of his middle. His very first words to the audience were "On the Leeds side streets that you slip down...". He teased the locals by asking "I am from Manchester you know, do you still like me?", putting emphasis on the local accent when saying 'Manchester'. After mentioning his love of Leeds, he talked about players Billy Bremner and Allan Clark, and poet Tony Harrison. He asked the crowd if they had heard of the latter, and when he got positive replies from certain fans, he acted as if he didn't believe them and called them liars. He also teased the locals - when introducing his band - by saying that his musicians were all born in the neighbouring town of Brighouse.

Again Morrissey had to comment about the success of his most recent album. In Leeds he sarcastically commented: "I'm boasting again but I know you like statistics... 'Ringleader Of The Tormentors' is... (dramatic pause) number 1 in Malta... Amazing!" He asked "Much more important than all of this... would you please sign my petition... to have the Dingles removed from Emmerdale?". At some point he said "Look, Alan Bennett's there!" while pointing in the crowd, then had a laugh by saying it wasn't true, in a "Ha ha got you" kind of way. After the lukewarm response for "Reader Meet Author", he thanked "... the eleven people who clapped".

Besides the above he also gave a few replies to people in the audience. After "Girlfriend In A Coma" he said to someone "You have weird taste in music". After "Reader Meet Author", to someone who requested for "The Operation", he replied "I have already had it". He also had the usual question/comment to his front row regular: "Are you okay Julia?". Near the end he thanked Leeds by saying "...you have made an old sweaty wrestler very happy". Leeds Town Hall used to be a big wrestling venue so he was probably referencing that.

Only one shirt (his pink one) was thrown into the audience to be fought over throughout the evening, and it happened at the end of the main set, after "How Soon Is Now?". At some point Morrissey's appreciation for guitarist Jesse Tobias was very apparent when the latter took centre stage for a guitar solo. Morrissey just stood back and smiled approvingly.


Nothing significant from this concert has made it on audio or video bootlegs or the internet yet.

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