14 September 2002
Greek Theater, Berkeley, CA

I Want The One I Can't Have
Hairdresser On Fire
Little Man, What Now?
First Of The Gang To Die
Jack The Ripper
Late Night, Maudlin Street
I Like You
Sister I'm A Poet
Alsatian Cousin
Everyday Is Like Sunday
The World Is Full Of Crashing Bores
Meat Is Murder
Irish Blood, English Heart
November Spawned A Monster
/There Is A Light That Never Goes Out
This was the second of three 'Revolución 2002' festival dates where Morrissey performed between Latino bands Jumbo and Jaguares. Morrissey was in excellent spirits, talkative and funny. Amongst other subjects he often made comments on the Bay Area. Many fans tried to make it on stage despite the height, but no one succeeded.

Setlist-wise the highlight of this concert was the live debut of the yet-to-be-released "Irish Blood, English Heart". There had been rumours for some time that the song was going to be added to the setlist. It had been scheduled four days earlier in Fresno, but finally skipped. This time it was scheduled again, and at last performed. "Late Night Maudlin Street" which had been dropped from the set the night before made its return. Including the new addition, this means the set featured 18 songs, a record for this tour.

Morrissey walked on stage as if he was disabled, dragging one leg and forcing the other leg to take him over to the microphone stand. He greeted the audience with the line "You are American, we are British, welcome to the Greek!". Then chaos broke out and people started to get crazy. Someone threw a black sweater on stage, Morrissey caught it, said "Take it back!", and then threw it back to the audience. In set opener "I Want The One I Can't Have" he playfully rolled his R's and changed a line to "I want the one I can't have and Jesus! it's driving me mad!" After the song he extended his greetings with the words "Welcome to our sixty minute lecture... we hope to God you can stand it... Aaargh, sorry my boy, sorry my boy..." Following "Hairdresser On Fire" he first said "Thank you that's very kind of you" then teased the audience with "You all look incredibly good looking..."

After "Little Man, What Now?" Morrissey replied to some shouts with "Say what? Mañana?" He then announced the next planned number with the line "We have some friends in Boyle Heights called... called the pretty petty thieves or (repeats in American accent) the pretty petty thieves... this is their song, and it's called 'The First Of The Gang To Die'..." Following the latter number the fan favourite "Jack The Ripper" was introduced with "I hope that nobody identifies with these lyrics... these are the thoughts of Jack the Ripper." After the latter song Morrissey replied to someone: "Yes you can crash at my place tonight, I just live down by the Bay, you can't miss it... it's the Debauchery Hotel..."

Following "Late Night, Maudlin Street" Morrissey told someone "You can't smoke here, you must be having a nicotine fit!" Then to someone else he said "I know, oh me-oh me, believe me, it's hell to live with!" Then "I Like You" was introduced with "This song is about you, you, you, you, and me! And it's called 'I Like You'..." The following song was another new one, and it was preceded with "This is our one and only true love song, it's called (in Spanish accent) 'Mexico'!"

Because the Greek is an open air venue, Morrissey followed "Mexico" with the comment "The fog from the Bay is catching my throat but, who cares..." He then proceeded with the now customary introduction of his band: "When I was... Why has it gone so dark? When I was... Ah I see, that's why!... When I was at the Betty Ford Clinic last year I met four fantastic musicians... Could you please put your teeth together for Boz!... For Gary!... For Deano!... And for the very mysterious Alain!... And my name is Mozcar De La Hoya!" After "Alsatian Cousin" he shushed the audience in order to listen to one fan in particular: "What? (shushes the audience) Just a minute, no he really has something interesting to say... (fan shouts something) I was wrong, he didn't have anything interesting to say... (pretends to cry) Don't cry, don't cry..."

"The World Is Full Of Crashing Bores" was introduced with the line "This is something that occurred to me when I was two and a half years old... and I think you'll agree... the world is full of crashing bores!" Someone tried to make it on stage during that song, failed, but was rewarded with Morrissey commenting "nice try, nice try..." Then "Meat Is Murder" was introduced with "Now you are all good people, and... yes you really are!... If it hasn't already happened, you know it's gonna happen soon... you will become vegetarian..."

Right before going into the live debut of "Irish Blood, English Heart" Morrissey simply said "And so..." The song was slightly different to the version that he would eventually record and release as the first single off "You Are The Quarry" in 2004. The musical arrangement was different, but the song was also longer by a few bars at the end and in it Morrissey sang "racist or racial" instead of "racist or partial". After it the man said "Thank you for indulging me, that was a new song called 'Irish Blood, English Heart'..."

Something or probably someone kept Morrissey away from his microphone for the length of one verse in "November Spawned A Monster". Then a few lines further into the song he said "very funny, very funny..." He appeared to be distracted after this and after the line "kiss her full on the mouth or anywhere" he just said "no sir, no sir, no, not me..." He then made many other minor word changes and missed more lines here and there. After the song he announced "I don't know if you realise but there's like a ceiling curfew thing on the decibels on this venue, did you know that? Because... so you might not find the music to be too loud because apparently, if the music goes above a certain level it interferes with somebody's television aerial and... apparently I've been told that they have a shadow on the Sopranos so... we have to keep our traps shut..."

In "Speedway" Morrissey replaced the line "it won't work" with "it's never gonna happen", an occasional change on the Oye Esteban tour, but not on this one. Further into the song he mistakenly reversed "you won't sleep" with "you won't rest". Before going into the final song of the evening his final significant words to the audience were "Bejaysus thank you, you're very kind, and all I ask in life is that God blesses you, that Nico blesses you, that Radclyffe Hall blesses you, that Johnny Thunders blesses you, that Oscar Wilde blesses you... you have my heart, vaya con dios..." Again Morrissey was distracted for a few lines into encore "There Is A Light That Never Goes Out".


Two different audience recordings of the complete concert are traded on physical support and in digital format on the internet. The better one sounds good and is credited to Mahntoh. The other recording is uncredited and is slightly more muffled. One or the other is sometimes found with fanmade artwork under the title "Don't Cry" or "Irish Blood, English Heart".

There is a third recording out there (recorder: Juan S), but it is not being shared at this point in time.


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