11 December 1995


Black-Eyed Susan

UK 7" [Parlophone R6243]
UK CSS [Parlophone TCR6243]


Black-Eyed Susan
A Swallow On My Neck

UK CD5 [Parlophone CDR6243]


Additional information:
EMI took advantage of the publicity around RCA's "Southpaw Grammar" album and associated singles and concerts to release this single featuring three previously unreleased tracks recorded in 1994. "Sunny" almost made it onto the "Boxers" single, "Black Eyed Susan" was planned at some point to be included on the "The More You Ignore Me, The Closer I Get" single and "A Swallow On My Neck" was originally recorded for the "Hold On To Your Friends" single.


Artwork information:
Morrissey, photographed by Paul Spencer.


Chart peak information:
UK: 42


This single was promoted with a 3 track cd (CDRDJ6243) very similar to the stock cd. Some copies were distributed with plugger stickers and artist information stickers on them. Others were paired with a press release from EMI/Parlophone. "Sunny" was included on a 1995 various artists promo cd titled "Tipsheet #132".