Wednesday 18 April 2012

I want to thank everyone who have written to me since I took the site down one week ago. Your messages of love and support, your ideas and suggestions and yes, your disappointment, have touched me and pushed me to find a solution other than burying the corpse or leaving it to the dogs.

"Passions Just Like Mine" will shortly return to this address, but it will now be under the supervision of myself and a team of sub-editors and helpers. The sections of the site that were the most time-consuming for me are going to pass under the supervision of sub-editors. I've already found a number of pashernate fans to take the reins of some sections, while some other positions are still open.

The two sections that were the biggest burden were the collectors appendices and the concert descriptions. Other sections that were not really time-consuming but were just embryos of what they could become are also going to be given to other people who are going to be able to develop them at their full potential. Finally, sections which I've wanted to implement for a long time but never had time for may eventually be developed by future collaborators.

Each section passing under someone else's supervision will be completely credited to its sub-editor. I will announce the first few members of the team when the site is relaunched, which should be within a week. Positions remaining to be filled (if any) will be announced then as well. If you are interested in joining the team, if you feel you would be a great candidate to take over a section and understand my approach with the information (encyclopedic, non-partisan, objective), please write to me at the address on the left side of this page.

It looks like the generous sponsors who have been hosting this site since 2001 are going to be allotting me more webspace and bandwidth, which will make it possible for me to illustrate "Passions Just Like Mine" more than before and make these new expansions possible. It also means that I can still keep the site banner-free which is something very important to me.

This solution will make it possible for me to stay at the helm of the boat that had become too much to handle by just one person, while reducing my workload and leaving me enough time to work on the other (non Morrissey-releated) projects that I need to work on. It will also keep the site alive, which was the main concern with most people who have written to me in the past week. Finally, the possibility of being able to take "Passions Just Like Mine" a step forward will be extra motivation for me to remain involved.

see you around the bend,