"Now My Heart Is Full"
(Morrissey/Boz Boorer)


The song was very likely written during the recording sessions for the "Vauxhall & I" album which took place between June and August 1993 at Hook End Manor. It was recorded with producer Steve Lillywhite and musicians Boz Boorer (guitar), Alain Whyte (guitar), Jonny Bridgwood (bass) and Woodie Taylor (drums).


album / single version {4:57}
"Vauxhall & I" album
"Now My Heart Is Full" single, all formats
"Vauxhall & I" album, 20th anniversary edition [remastered 2014]
promo edit {4:10}
• USA promo cd of "Now My Heart Is Full"
"íThe Best Of!" album


This song has never been performed specifically for radio, television or the web.


This song has been done in concert a total of 173 times by Morrissey. It was on the setlist at each and every one of the 18 shows on the 1995 Boxers tour. It was played a further eight times on the Southpaw Grammar tour later that year. It was done on a majority of dates on the subsequent Maladjusted tour in 1997 (47 airings out of 54 dates) and the 1999-2000 Oye Esteban tour (67 airings out of 75 dates). After a break of 4 years, it returned to the set in 2004 on the You Are The Quarry tour, in blocks of consecutive performances separated by long breaks off the setlist. It was last heard on the Tour Of The Tormentors MMVI where it was only played at 3 shows in August.

live Blackpool 8 February 1995 {4:59}
"Introducing Morrissey", a live concert on video
live London's Theatre Royal, Drury Lane 26 February 1995 {4:56}
"Suedehead" (Mael mix) single
"Vauxhall & I" album, 20th anniversary 2-cd edition


No demos or studio outtakes of this song have leaked to the general public at this point in time.



In an interview published in Les Inrockuptibles in 1995, Morrissey said "This song was the definitive expression of my change to adulthood, of my maturity. And, to be honest, I was very happy to be able to sing this text, to have reached this state. After this song I could perfectly retire: I've come full circle."

In an interview published in Select in 1994, he said "'Now My Heart Is Full' has a sense of jubilant exhaustion with looking over one's shoulder all the time and draining one's reference points. I mean, even I - even I - went a little bit too far with A Taste Of Honey. I have perhaps overtapped my sources and now all that is over, basically. I have a vast record and video and tape collection, but I look at it now in a different light. It's no longer something I feel I need to be embroiled in night and day. I have realised that the past is actually over, and it is a great relief to me. It's like being told that you've been cured of chronic tuberculosis or housewife's knee or something."