"Honey You Know Where To Find Me"
(Morrissey/Boz Boorer)


The roots of this song go back to the recording sessions for the "Vauxhall & I" album, in June-August 1993 at Hook End Manor with producer Steve Lillywhite. Morrissey's early lyrics were set to music written by Alain Whyte. This faster version of the song was shelved.

Morrissey re-recorded the song on new music written by Boz Boorer in December 1994 at Miraval Studios in France. It is one of only a few songs recorded at Miraval featuring vocals. Musicians on this recording were Boz Boorer (guitar), Alain Whyte (guitar), Johnny Bridgwood (bass) and Woodie Taylor (drums). Unlike the rest of the material from that era, this one was not recorded with producer Steve Lillywhite at Hook End Manor the following March-April, or if it was (which is unlikely), it was not included on the "Southpaw Grammar" album.


album version {2:55}
"Southpaw Grammar" album, redesigned edition


This song has never been performed specifically for radio, television or the web.


This song has never been done live.


edit of instrumental demo from Miraval sessions {2:40}
Leaked on the internet; the full version which has not yet leaked is 3:20
Miraval studio outtake {2:53}
Taken from a record company cd-r of a scrapped reissue of "Southpaw Grammar", this leaked on the internet in 2006 and was eventually released on the album listed above after being remastered.