Radio interviews and special features


17 September 1983 - London's LBC Radio (UK)
Phone interview.

29 September 1983 - On The Wire (Radio Lancashire Or Radio Blackburn, UK)
Interview by host Steve Barker.

8 November 1983 - Sheffield Radio (UK)
Interview of Morrissey and Marr probably recorded a few weeks earlier when they were in Sheffield.

5 December 1983 - CKLN Radio (Canada)
50 minutes interview with Morrissey for Canadian radio, from the rehearsal rooms for the single with Sandie Shaw. This appears to be featured on the "Ask Me Ask Me" interview cd.

9 December 1983 - Round Table (UK, BBC Radio One)
Morrissey and Paul Weller review new singles. One of the songs reviewed was the Television Personalities' "A Sense Of Belonging". On a 2005 compilation titled "And They All Lived Happily Ever After, the latter band included a 2-minute audio excerpt of this show where Morrissey and Weller review their record.

18 December 1983 - The Great Rock'n'Roll Trivia Quiz (UK, BBC Radio One)
Morrissey answered questions alongside Alan Barton (Black Lace), Steve Luscombe (Blancmange), Dave Lee Travis, Warren Cann (Ultravox) and Matt Johnson (The The).

31 January 1984 - Radio Sheffield (UK)
Morrissey interview (dated 3 February?).

15 February 1984 - Radio Trent (UK)
Morrissey interview.

18 February 1984 - Janice Long Evening Show (UK, BBC Radio One)
Morrissey interview

25 February 1984 - Saturday Live (UK, BBC Radio One)
Morrissey appearance to plug the debut album.

31 March 1984 - Saturday Live (UK, BBC Radio One)
Sandie Shaw appears a short time before the release of her single with The Smiths.

6 April 1984 - Round Table (UK, BBC Radio One)
Morrissey and Sandie Shaw find themselves with Richard Skinner and David Jensen to review the week's new singles. Of everything that was played, he only liked an Echo And The Bunnymen song which he described as "really excellent".

18 May 1984 - RTE Radio (Dublin, Ireland)
Five minute interview of Johnny Marr before a concert. Topics: future plans, the debut album, the "Still Ill" promo.

30 May 1984 - Collectors' Choice
Johnny Marr was interviewed and played his favourite songs.

1 June 1984 - RTE Radio (Dublin, Ireland)
One hour Morrissey interview interspersed with his favourite songs and Smiths songs. Topics: growing up wanting to be a singer, childhood musical heroes, James Dean, Oscar Wilde, style and fame, record sleeves, the Terence Stamp single sleeve, Viv Nicholson, working with Sandie Shaw, "Jeane", school, sports, making videos, gender and sexual identification, being a guru, being a popstar, being miserable.

August? 1984 - Danish Radio
Morrissey interview, exact date unknown.

31 August 1984 - Nightline (UK, London's LBC Radio)
Phone-in interview by fans.

1 September 1984 - Janice Long (UK, BBC Radio One)
Morrissey interview.

6 October 1984 - My Top Ten (UK, BBC Radio One)
Morrissey top ten. Host Andy Peebles interviewed Morrissey about his life, music career, meeting Sandie Shaw, kitchen sink dramas and his favourite 10 tracks, which were also played. This was webcast from BBC6 in 2006 as part of a series of music documentaries from the BBC archives.

9 or 19 February 1985 - Saturday Live (UK, BBC Radio One)
Morrissey and Marr interview.

13 February 1985 - Janice Long (UK, BBC Radio One)
Morrissey interview.

18 February 1985 - Downtown Radio Belfast

7 April 1985 - Australian radio
Baktabak cd interview to Australian radio

17 May 1985 - (Spain)
Morrissey interview.

25 June 1985 - 91X, San Diego (USA)
Morrissey and Johnny Marr interview by Dwight Arnold and Pam Wolf done at the Hotel Del Coronado before the Smiths concert the same night.

Early 1986 - Catalonia Radio Special (Spain)
Montage of interviews of The Smiths from different periods of their career.

10 February 1986 - RTE 2 (Ireland)
Mike Joyce interview.

18 February 1986 - Downtown Radio

29 July 1986 - CHRW (London Canada)

31 July 1986 - CFNY (Toronto, Canada)
Morrissey interview while he was in town of a concert. Topics included among others: how Morrissey had to bury this cat in the rain.

3 August 1986 - New Music Foundation (CHOM FM, Montreal, Canada)
Morrissey interview by Benoit Dufresne.

30 November 1986 - Radio Piccadilly (UK)
Morrissey interview. Topics: the Smiths staying together, being the band's frontman, giving interviews, being worshipped and despised, being a rock star, the future of the Smiths, working with Johnny Marr.

23 December 1986 - Janice Long (BBC Radio One)
Morrissey interviewed by Janice Long.

11 February 1987 - Dave Fanning (RTE, Ireland)
Morrissey interview by Dave Fanning. Topics includes the future of the Smiths and the legal battle with Rough Trade, amongst other things.

24 May 1987 - WLIR (USA)
Johnny Marr interview.

28 May 1987 - KROQ (Los Angeles, USA)
Johnny Marr interview at the time of release of "Louder Than Bombs".

2 October 1987 - Singled Out (BBC Radio One)
Morrissey and Howard Devoto are guests and give their opinions on new releases.

25 June 1992 - JJJ (Australia)
Johnny Rogan interview.

27 September 1993 - Modern Rock Live (KROQ, USA)
Johnny Rogan interview.

20 February 1997 - Loveline (KROQ, USA)
Mike Joyce and Andy Rourke are guests.

21 February 1997 - Andy Rourke and Mike Joyce interview (KROQ, USA)
Andy Rourke and Mike Joyce interview. Listen offsite at Morrissey-solo.

12-16 May 2003 - Smiths Week (UK, BBC6)
For the 20th anniversary of the release of the Smiths' debut single, BBC 6 had a whole week of Smiths related programming. Besides rebroadcasts of the Kilburn concert and the "Smiths At The Beeb" special which included BBC sessions and interviews, they also put together a contest to find the Smiths' most obsessive fan, had an interview with drummer Mike Joyce taking place at the Salford Lads Club and played rare archival tracks and Smiths covers by other artists. They also broadcast a Morrissey concert from 17 November 1995 at London's Wembley Arena as well as his radio session on Janice Long's programme from 2002.

27 November 2005 - Mark Riley's Mint (BBC6, UK)
Mike Joyce interview during which he played an instrumental outtake from the Smiths days titled "The Cowbell" aka "The Click Track".

29 June 2007 - The Seven Ages Of Rock (UK, BBC6)
As a complement to the BBC1 television series of the same name, BBC6 ran a series of radio programmes about the history of rock. This final installment covering indie music and the britpop scene featured an interview with Johnny Marr.

16 July 2007 - Phil Kennedy Programme (UK, BBC Berkshire)
Mike Joyce interview by Phil Kennedy on the week of release of the "Inside The Smiths" documentary DVD.

?? July 2007 - On Screen (UK, BBC World)
Andy Rourke and Mike Joyce interview on the week of release of the "Inside The Smiths" documentary DVD.

25 July 2007 - In Sessions with Mark Radcliffe & Stuart Maconie (UK, BBC2)
Andy Rourke and Mike Joyce interview promoting the recent release of the "Inside The Smiths" documentary DVD.

November 2007 David Jensen (UK, Gold Radio)
This interview of Andy Rourke and Mike Joyce by David Jensen was made available on the internet as a podcast.

28 September 2008 - Johnnie Walker Radio Show (UK, BBC2)
Johnny Marr interview by Johnnie Walker. Topics: forming the Smiths or splitting them and his musical inspiration (plus more stuff not related to the Smiths).

23 September 2010 - Sound Opinions (USA, WBEZ)
Interview with Stephen Street about working with the Smiths and Morrissey (and other artists).

22 November 2010 - Breakfast With the Smiths (USA, Indie 103.1)
Interview with Smiths producer and sound recorder Grant Showbiz. Topics: the early days traveling with The Smiths, the influence of the song "Meat Is Murder", the brillance of "The Queen Is Dead", the addition of Craig Gannon, the recording of "Strangeways, Here We Come" and Rough Trade, the end of The Smiths and the possibility of a reunion. Listen here.

13 November 2012 - Swansong, episode 4 (UK BBC Radio 4)
This final episode of the Swansong series dedicated to final albums by major artists was about the Smiths' "Strangeways, Here We Come". Stuart Maconie interviews Mike Joyce, Andy Rourke and producer Stephen Street as well as music journalist Sian Pattenden and Morrissey biographer Simon Goddard.

25 February 2013 - East Village Radio (New York City)
Smiths guitarist Johnny Marr gets interviewed by former bandmate Smiths bassist Andy Rourke. Listen to the interview from the station's website.