Radio interviews and special features


9 February 1990 - KROQ (Los Angeles, USA)
Interview, call-ins. Topics: US fans, idols, current success, new singles, "There Is A Light...", bootlegs, vegetarianism, meat and fur situation, benefit concerts, interviews, being a popstar, alcool, actors, Smiths split and Johnny Marr, books.

1 May 1991 - VPRO (Holland)
Interview of Morrissey at the Utrecht concert, featured before a broadcast of the 1 May concert which might have happened a few days after 1 May.

11 November 1991 - WDRE (New York City, USA)
Interview by DJ Malibue Sue. Topics: "Our Frank", singing one's life, a few other songs, the afterlife, relationships, record companies, rock-a-billy, the fans, touring, Piccadilly palare, the Krays, music and the charts.

3 August 1992 - Modern Rock Live (WDRE FM, New York, USA)
Morrissey interview, by Tom Calderone plus questions from callers. Topics: The instores tour, the American fanbase, touring the US, Sandie Shaw, his band, Mick Ronson, The Krays.

3 May 1994 - WFNX (Boston, USA)
Morrissey interview done just before the Boston instore.

9 November 1994 - ??
Brief Morrissey interview about the Q Awards.

3 July 1997 - KROQ 106.7 (Los Angeles, USA)
Interview by Jed The Fish. Topics: "Maladjusted", "Alma Matters", not fitting into the music scene, his band members, the upcoming tour, management, reading, Oscar Wilde, sex, The Smiths and Johnny Marr. Listen or read transcript offsite on Morrissey-solo

6 July 1997 - KROQ 106.7 (Los Angeles, USA)
Interview by Richard Blade. Topics: boxing, recent years, touring, convention, Smiths reunion, Mick Ronson, his musicians, press, "Maladjusted", Smoking Popes, various past songs by other artists.
Listen or read transcript offsite on Morrissey-solo

28 May 1998 - BBC News (UK, BBC Radio One)
Short Morrissey interview about his Novello Award (PRS Outstanding contribution to British Music).

9 August 1998 - KCXX (San Bernardino, California, USA)
Morrissey answered some questions from Dwight Arnold (host), callers, and talked about the songs from "My Early Burglary Years" which were played. A re-edited version of this interview was broadcast on 27 May 2007 on San Diego's Free FM.
Read transcript offsite on The Arcane Old Wardrobe / Motorcycle Au Pair Boy
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13 September 1998 - The Edge, 107.9FM (Albuquerque, USA)
Morrissey interview.
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25 October 1999 - (Portugal radio)
Morrissey interview. Topics include: new label and album, the 'Oye Esteban' tour, etc.
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14 November 1999 - Sean Hughes Radio Show (GLR 94.9, BBC, UK)
Morrissey interviewed by Sean Hughes. Topics: racism allegations, the NME/British press, life in Los Angeles, Smiths royalties, touring, new record, vegetarianism, etc.
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18 September 2002 - Liz Kershaw (BBC6, UK)
Alain Whyte interview about the tour, new songs, etc.

4 November 2002 - Dave Fanning (2FM, Ireland)
2-part Morrissey interview by Dave Fanning recorded at the time he was in Dublin on the 2002 tour. The interview was also recorded for television and shown on "The Last Broadcast" on Ireland's Network 2 in November 2003.
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8 November 2002 - Dave Fanning (2FM, Ireland)
Part 2 of above.
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? early March 2004 - Marc Riley (BBC6, UK)
While interviewed by Marc Riley about some new release, Vini Reilly briefly discussed working on Morrissey's "Viva Hate" album.

26 March 2004 - Kevin And Bean (KROQ, Los Angeles, USA)
Morrissey interview by Kevin And Bean including the radio broadcast premiere of "Irish Blood, English Heart". Topics: Sanctuary and shopping for a new label, the recent hiatus, living in Los Angeles, television, the Pop Idol phenomenon, writing music, the upcoming Wiltern concerts. This interview was distributed in Ireland for promotion of the "You Are The Quarry" album.

17 May 2004 - Music:Response (XFM, UK)
Morrissey interview by Ian Camfield. Topics include: the success of his return, new fans, the songwriting for "You Are The Quarry", his autobiography, the current music scene and market, moving back to England vs Los Angeles, food, his past work, playing the media game, curating Meltdown, working with Nancy Sinatra, etc.
Listen and read from the XFM website

23 May 2004 - Razor Cuts (Virgin Radio, UK)
Morrissey played his favourite tracks and was interviewed by Pete Mitchell. Topics: still being around, Attack Records and the Sanctuary label, the new album and the writing of its songs, his absence from the spotlight, admiration from other artists, Serge Gainsbourg, the Thrills, the new tour and his audience, Los Angeles, America and George Bush, band members, pop music, writing, Manchester, Nancy Sinatra, the New York Dolls, festivals. Songs played: Serge Gainsbourg-Initials BB; Jobriath-Morning Starship; Ludus-Breaking The Rules; New York Dolls-Trash; Diana Dors-So Little Time.
Listen to clips from the Virgin radio website

27 May 2004 - Soundgarden (Fritz, Germany)
Morrissey interview overdubbed in German.

13 December 2004 - Steve Wright Show (BBC Radio 2, UK)
Morrissey interview by Steve Wright. Topics: Nancy Sinatra, their joint single, Glastonbury 2004, singing, being an icon and his position in the current pop scene, "Panic" being about Steve Wright, the war in Iraq, songwriting, his musical influence, Christmas.
Read from Morrissey-solo

13 October 2005 - "I Was Morrissey's Drummer" (BBC Radio 4, UK)
Interview with Andrew McGibbon, who drummed for Morrissey under the name Andrew Paresi at the start of his solo career. Also includes contributions from Morrissey collaborators Stephen Street, Clive Langer, Suggs and Danton Supple.

2 December 2006 - Russell Brand Show (BBC Radio 2, UK)
Morrissey interview. Topics: heroes, doing television appearances, image, Kristeen Young, being an artist, vegetarianism, comedians, education, our inner child, television programmes, being Northern, New York Dolls, art, Mexico, fans/audience.

6 December 2006 - Breakfast With Lauren Laverne (XFM, UK)
Morrissey interview by host Lauren Laverne. Topics: the past year, plans, touring, future of music, future of the planet, being voted among top 3 British icons, fanbase, music industry, Christmas.

17 December 2006 - Morrissey Special (XFM, UK)
One-hour Morrissey interview by Ian Camfield. Topics: touring England, small venues, Manchester, setlists, Kristeen Young and support artists, new music, the British press, ageing, playing festivals, singing/voice, back catalogue, charts, radio airplay, writing new material, songwriting, life off stage, Christmas, happiness. The interview was followed by a broadcast of his performance at the V Festival from the previous August. The interview and concert were also webcast from XFM's webpage.

21 April 2007 - Salford Lad part 1 (BBC2, UK)
Part 1 of a one-hour special on Morrissey in which Stuart Maconie tells the story of the Manchester lad who became a British icon. Includes interviews with Morrissey himself, friends, fans, colleagues and fellow musicians including: Richard Boon, Mike Hinc, Jo Slee, Andrew Paresi, Willy Russell, Badly Drawn Boy, Zoe Williams, John Hegley, Preston, Stephen Street, Tony Visconti, Andy Rourke and Suggs.

28 April 2007 - Salford Lad part 2 (BBC2, UK)
Part 2 of a one-hour special on Morrissey in which Stuart Maconie tells the story of the Manchester lad who became a British icon. Includes interviews with Morrissey himself, friends, fans, colleagues and fellow musicians including: Richard Boon, Mike Hinc, Jo Slee, Andrew Paresi, Willy Russell, Badly Drawn Boy, Zoe Williams, John Hegley, Preston, Stephen Street, Tony Visconti, Andy Rourke and Suggs.

27 May 2007 - Free FM (San Diego, USA)
This is a re-edited re-broadcast of a Morrissey interview originally done for KCXX in August 1998. Scroll up for original broadcast information.

12 April 2008 - Russell Brand Show (BBC Radio 2, UK)
Morrissey interviewed by Russell Brand, or more accurately, a conversation between friends. Actually Brand ended up talking more about himself, despite Morrissey's regular reminders that he was the one who should be interviewed. Topics: their previous night's conversation at the pub, "Brighton Rock", each other's personalities, Brand's mother, recent London Roundhouse concert cancellations, audiences, the "That's How People Grow Up" video, their respective cats, etc.

29 August 2008 - KCRW's Guest DJ Project (KCRW, Los Angeles, USA)
This edition of KCRW's Guest DJ Project had Morrissey play and discuss his favourite artists while being interviewed by Nic Harcourt. Artists selected: The Courteeners, Buzzcocks, Sparks, Cockney Rejects, the New York Dolls, Jobriath, Mister Bloe and Noel Coward. Throughout the interview parts Morrissey also tackled the subjects of the British music scene through time, his own musical career and his upcoming album and tour. Listen here

21 October 2008 - Janice Long (BBC2, UK)
One hour interview of Morrissey by Janice Long. Topics: his recent appearance at the O2 Festival, his current living arrangement, the music he loves, his autobiography, tv offers and offers to appear in commercials and soaps, the upcoming American elections, the upcoming album "Years Of Refusal", etc. The interview was interspersed with Morrissey's favourite songs.

11 February 2009 - Stuart Maconie (BBC2, UK)
Morrissey interview by Stuart Maconie broadcast before the broadcast of a concert given especially for the BBC. Topics: the new album, receiving awards and playing the game, death, the past, live setlists, singing his life, private life, current music, songwriting and performing, Buffy Sainte-Marie.

13 February 2009 - Ian Camfield (XFM, UK)
Morrissey interview by Ian Camfield. Topics: Mastermind, the dedication of his fans, the drabness of current popular music, reviews and criticism, songwriting, collaborator Jeff Beck, producer Jerry Finn, the new album "Years Of Refusal", record labels, chart success, ageing and longevity in his musical career, retirement. Read and listen to the interview here.

18 February 2009 - Front Row (BBC Radio 4, UK)
Morrissey interview by John Wilson. Topics: being a celebrity, the art of singing, discovering music as a child, the life-changing discovery of the abattoir, struggling to make it in music, songwriting, the new album "Years Of Refusal", Johnny Marr, being asked to reform the Smiths, nostalgia and modern England, pop music and the music media, professional recognition via awards, national identity. turning 50.

29 November 2009 - Desert Island Discs (BBC4, UK)
Morrissey interview by Kirsty Young interspersed with his choice of music he would bring on a desert island. Topics: where he is, who he is, what touches him, Paul Marsh's record shop, musical background, childhood and growing up, schooling and education, meeting Johnny Marr, settling in with conventionality, fans, being on the radio, becoming vegetarian, his parents, Los Angeles and his latino fans, his position in the music business, ageing, suicide.

23 September 2010 - Sound Opinions (USA, WBEZ)
Interview with Stephen Street about working with the Smiths and Morrissey (and other artists).

20 April 2011 - Front Row (BBC Radio 4, UK)
Morrissey interview by John Wilson. Topics: the length of his career, his back catalogue, the launch of his solo career, the legacy of the Smiths, Prime Minister Cameron being a fan, songwriting, Britain changing, not living in Britain, reuniting with Johnny Marr, his upcoming autobiography, the future of his career.

27 April 2011 - Five Live Breakfast (BBC Radio 5, UK)
An unbroadcast excerpt from the recent Front Row interview by John Wilson (see previous) was broadcast one week later on the BBC's Five Live. In the excerpt Morrissey expressed his views on the upcoming wedding of Prince William and its media coverage. It was followed by calls from listeners expressing their approval or disapproval on the subject.

30 April 2011 - The Dermot O'Leary Show (BBC Radio 2, UK)
Morrissey interview by Dermot O'Leary. Topics: the upcoming royal wedding, the X Factor, his "Very Best Of Morrissey", curating the Meltdown Festival, not being a social person, being of Irish descent, childhood heroes, enjoying life, television and news readers, Coronation Street, being asked to be on television, cooking, the current music scene, inspiration for writing, new material, the upcoming tour.

22 May 2012 - First Wave (Sirius Radio, USA)
Very brief interview (about 1 minute) of Morrissey by Richard Blade. This appears to have been a re-edit of an old interview. Information needed.

20 March 2013 - (Reactor 105, Mexico)
This 30-minute Morrissey interview by Rulo was done after Morrissey had to cancel a whole block of dates including one in Mexico. Topics: his recent medical issues and the cancellation of the tour, new songs and the lack of serious interest from record labels, Rough Trade, covers by others, the upcoming autobiography, misconceptions about him, being outspoken, wit, his audiences, the press, reviews, writing partners and songwriting in general, remastered albums and collections, Smiths reunion rumours. The interview is streamed at the Hang The DJ website (also includes an approximate transcript).

26 August 2013 - Alan Simpson(BBC Radio Ulster, UK)
One-hour interview of James Russell, director of Morrissey's "25Live".