"Will Never Marry"
(Morrissey/Stephen Street)


These words are transcribed without permission the way they appear in the "Bona Drag" album. There are no variations between the printed lyrics and what Morrissey actually sings in the studio version.

I'm writing this to say
in a gentle way
Thank You - but no
I will live my life as I
will undoubtedly die - alone 1
I'm writing this to say
in a gentle way
Thank you...
I will live my life as I...
for whether you stay
or you stray
an inbuilt guilt catches up with you
and as it comes around to your place
at 5 a.m. it wakes you up
and it laughs in your face


1 In live performances of this song on the 1991 Kill Uncle tour, Morrissey often dropped the word 'alone' at the end of this line, and made various noises or whistled instead.

Note: Pay attention for the sample at the end of the song of a crowd shouting "Steven! Steven!". This is barely noticeable in the early fade-out version on "Bona Drag", but clearly present in the longer single version.