"To Give (The Reason I Live)"
(Bob Crewe / Bob Gaudio)


This song which was only performed live and never released in studio form, has yet to appear on an album. Its lyrics are transcribed here without permission, as they are heard on the "25Live" DVD and Blu-Ray. They are faithful to the Frankie Valli original except for a few very minor changes in prepositions.

To give is the reason I live
To give all I can give
In return for the life that I earn
I was born as a part of a plan
With the heart of a man
With the will to survive
I believe everything on this earth
Having meaning and worth
Made of concrete and air
Is to share and to feel
Justify, I exist
To describe on the list
Of someone
With a place in the sun
Here I stand
Reaching out for the sky
Till the day I die
I must give all I can
When I go
I will go out empty hand
I'll become dust for the land
Just the soul I have found
Leaves the ground