"I'd Love To"
(Morrissey/Boz Boorer)


These words are transcribed without permission the way they appear in Morrissey's "My Early Burglary Years" album. Additions to the printed lyrics are in darker text while omissions are striken out.

Again I lay awake
and I cried because of waste
- I'd love to
but only with you
only with you
Time is gonna wipe us out
There, I've said it loud
and clear, so that you will hear
there's no one in view
just you, just you
and time is gonna will never wipe you out
Now I've had enough, I've had
more than could be my rightful
share of nights I can't bear
how could can it be fair?
Time could never wipe you please wipe them out
So Again I lay awake in a trance
I just want my chance
but only with you.
only with you
That's all
that's all