"Have-A-Go Merchant"
(Morrissey/Alain Whyte)


This song is only available on albums such as "World Of Morrissey" which don't include lyrics. They are transcribed here without permission, as they are heard.

Have-a-go when the pubs all close
and have-a-go when they open
Then have-a-go by the traffic light
cut up or shut up you're all right
And as always I am here right behind you 1
And as always there's time
so have another go

A small baby girl
cradled in your arms
your one big contribution
will never know
will never know
will never know
will never know

A small girl runs crying through the park
so freely her daddy berates her
right now so for the rest of her life
she is convinced that her daddy hates her


1 In live performances of this song on the Boxers tour (1995), Morrissey always changed this line to "as always I'm here right beside you".