"Certain People I Know"
(Morrissey/Alain Whyte)


These words are transcribed without permission the way they appear in the "íThe Best Of!" album (where they were transcribed from the "Certain People I Know" 12"). There are no variations between the printed lyrics and what Morrissey actually sings in the studio version.

I take the cue from
certain people I know
I use the cue
and then I
hand it on to you
And when I swing it
so, it catches his eye
(Weren't you there?
- you'd have died!)
I trust the views of
certain people I know
they look at Danger
and they
Their clothes are Imitation
George the 23rd
(don't you find this absurd?)1
I'd hate to be like
certain people I know
they break their necks
and can't afford to
get them fixed
They'd sacrifice all
of their principles for
anything cashable
I do believe it's terrible


1 From the middle of the Your Arsenal tour to its end, Morrissey often changed this line to "don't you find life absurb". This can be heard on the live album "Beethoven Was Deaf".