14 November 1997
Tupperware Center Theater, Kissimmee, FL

The Boy Racer
Dagenham Dave
Billy Budd
Why Don't You Find Out For Yourself
Nobody Loves Us
Spring-Heeled Jim
Roy's Keen
The More You Ignore Me, The Closer I Get
Paint A Vulgar Picture
Alma Matters
Reader Meet Author
The Teachers Are Afraid Of The Pupils
Satan Rejected My Soul
/Shoplifters Of The World Unite
Morrissey was in good form on this date, but the same could not be said of the audience. A big barrier stopped the fans from reaching their idol. There were significant changes in the setlist. Five songs were dropped and replaced by six others that had previously been played on this tour, including the Smiths' "London" which was being performed for the second time only on this tour. "Nobody Loves Us", which had not been played yet on this leg of the tour and would not after, was also added to the setlist. So in total, the fans were treated to three Smiths tracks, and a tour-record 15-song setlist.

Morrissey addressed his fans quite a few times between songs. At some point he said "Some of you look very sexy.. but I'm not going to name names" and "Thank you for showing up... this will only get worse". He also asked "Are you all English tourists?... you're all from Florida, then?... amazing!".


Soundboard recordings of "London" and "Paint A Vulgar Picture" are circulated among collectors on bootlegs and on the internet. For some unknown reason the rest of the concert, which was probably also recorded, is not circulated.


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