3 February 1995
Barrowlands, Glasgow

Billy Budd
Have-A-Go Merchant
Spring-Heeled Jim
You're The One For Me, Fatty
The More You Ignore Me, The Closer I Get
Whatever Happens, I Love You
We'll Let You Know
Jack The Ripper
Why Don't You Find Out For Yourself
The National Front Disco
Hold On To Your Friends
Used To Be a Sweet Boy
Now My Heart is Full
/Shoplifters Of The World Unite
This was a great return to the stage for Morrissey after a break of two years. He looked not as mobile as he was on the Your Arsenal tour, but it still was a great performance, the band was very tight and many fans made it on stage, some of them even helped by Morrissey's own security men.

The setlist included many songs never before performed live, particularly the material from the "Vauxhall & I" album and the "Boxers" single. The big surprise of the evening was the encore of "Shoplifters Of The World Unite". Besides the 1988 Wolverhampton gig, this was the first time Morrissey ever played anything from the Smiths days at one of his solo concerts.

There was a false start on "Why Don't You Find Out For Yourself". Because the pace of the set was slower than the mood of the fans, Morrissey apologized at the end of "Moonriver" by saying "Sorry it's a slow song but I'm getting old now". Into that song, he changed one line to "I'm not so sure the world deserves me". Later he asked "I was wondering... how far is it to Motherwell?". He then repeated someone's reply "It's too far... you'll never make it".

Morrissey threw a tambourine into the audience during "You're The One For Me, Fatty". On it he had written the word 'SELF'.


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