7 October 1992
Schnitzer Concert Hall, Portland, OR

You're Gonna Need Someone On Your Side
Glamorous Glue
The Loop
Sister I'm A Poet
You're The One For Me, Fatty
We'll Let You Know
November Spawned A Monster
Such A Little Thing Makes Such A Big Difference
I Know It's Gonna Happen Someday
Girl Least Likely To
Certain People I Know
Everyday Is Like Sunday
Seasick, Yet Still Docked
Alsatian Cousin
We Hate It When Our Friends Become Successful
/Jack The Ripper
/The National Front Disco
Security in Portland was very tight and everyone had to stay in their seats. Morrissey successfully teased his fans into action with comments in between songs and by throwing his tambourine into the aisle.

The set sequence was sensibly scrambled for the first time since the second show of the tour. This gig saw the first live performance of the yet unreleased "Jack The Ripper". "The Loop" was also reintroduced into the set for the first time on the Your Arsenal tour (except for an early festival date from before the release of the album). To make way for these two additions, "Tomorrow" and "He Knows I'd Love To See Him" were dropped from the setlist.

During the first few songs, fans had been gradually trying to get to the stage but were stopped by security, which caused Morrissey to groan into his microphone. After "Glamorous Glue", he started teasing the tamed audience with "I must say that you look like... you all look like... you look like... (someone shouts 'sardines!') you look like sardines!". This prompted more fans to try their chance so security had no choice but relax their guard. Then, after "The Loop", Morrissey continued "Do you know that it's much better when you're closer? And... please remember that you paid admission tonight so you don't have to stay in your seat". This made things worse, even more fans rushed to the stage. The whole thing probably went a bit too far because after "You're The One For Me, Fatty" Morrissey commented "I said it would be better, and it is, but of course...". After that security didn't let anyone else get on stage.

Morrissey didn't seem happy with the performance of "Girl Least Likely To" because he enquired after it "I'm sorry but that was horrible... (crowd doesn't agree) really? (crowd: yes!) Oh really (crowd: yes!) Are you sure?" After "Everyday Is Like Sunday", he was probably teasing the audience into action again when he enquired "Are you... are you very comfortable?"

Boz came back first for the encore, started playing the debuting "Jack The Ripper" by himself then the other musicians and Morrissey followed. As heard on the version of this song appearing on the "Beethoven Was Deaf" live album recorded later in the year, Morrissey didn't sing the "Nobody knows me" outro. The song ended the same way it started, then blended into "The National Front Disco" as it would for the next few shows.


An audience recording of the full concert is available on the internet. The sound quality is not the best, but still reasonable. The bootlegger had very vocal neighbours.


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