3 September 1991
Yokohama Arena, Yokohama, Japan

November Spawned A Monster
Interesting Drug
Sister I'm A Poet
Piccadilly Palare
Mute Witness
The Last Of The Famous International Playboys
Alsatian Cousin
Sing Your Life
The Loop
King Leer
Asian Rut
Our Frank
Cosmic Dancer
Angel, Angel, Down We Go Together
Pregnant For The Last Time
Everyday Is Like Sunday
That's Entertainment
Security was again very tight and Morrissey was obviously annoyed by this. There were barriers everywhere, and when he tried to move them to reach the fans, they were held back by the staff. At one point Morrissey hit one of the barriers and a security man in frustration. Something else that didn't help was the presence of many people from the music business in the front rows. New York Dolls cover "Trash" was removed from the set list and current single "Pregnant For The Last Time" was reinstated.

After "Piccadilly Palare", Morrissey exclaimed "Yes! Yes! Yes!". After "Pregnant For The Last Time" he went "Aah... Aahh... Aaahh..." for a short time, probably in frustration. As part of the setlist rearrangements, "That's Entertainment" was moved to the position of main set closer, which made a lot of sense given the song's frantic live finale of fast drums and guitars. During the break between the main set and the encore, the impatient crowd broke into a chant of Morrissey's name.


A reasonably good audience recording of the full concert is available from bootleg traders as well as on file sharing networks.


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