2 September 1991
Budokan, Tokyo, Japan

Angel, Angel, Down We Go Together
Interesting Drug
Piccadilly Palare
Mute Witness
The Last Of The Famous International Playboys
Alsatian Cousin
Sister I'm A Poet
Asian Rut
The Loop
King Leer
November Spawned A Monster
Everyday Is Like Sunday
That's Entertainment
Cosmic Dancer
Our Frank
/Sing Your Life
In Tokyo's Budokan, security was the tightest of this tour and the venue was separated into blocks. Fans were not allowed to leave their seats. Only one of them managed to reach Morrissey and hug him.

The set was again sensibly scrambled and changes were made to its content. Covers "Trash" and "Cosmic Dancer" were reintegrated into the setlist, replacing part-timers "Will Never Marry" and "There's A Place In Hell For Me And My Friends". Just like earlier on the tour, "Trash" was tagged at the end of "Piccadilly Palare".

During the break between the main set and the encore, the impatient crowd broke into a chant of Morrissey's name. After first encore "Sing Your Life" Morrissey started to say "So before we go..." but never finished his line. The band then did standard set closer "Disappointed".


The manufactured bootleg cd "That's New Entertainment" features a fair-to-good audience recording of the full concert. The bootleg might also be known under "Morrissey In Tokyo". It is widely circulated on file sharing networks.


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