5 May 1991
Metropol, Berlin, Germany

Interesting Drug
Mute Witness
The Last Of The Famous International Playboys
November Spawned A Monster
Will Never Marry
Sing Your Life
Asian Rut
Pregnant For The Last Time
King Leer
That's Entertainment
Everyday Is Like Sunday
Our Frank
Piccadilly Palare
Suedehead /Cosmic Dancer
Berlin was the most enthusiastic crowd of the past few European dates. Once again Morrissey said very little. He apologized for this before the second encore, adding that he appreciated very much the welcome.

Morrissey wasn't yet on stage that the crowd already broke out into a chant of his name during the Klaus Nomi intro. This went on until he entered stage and went into the first song, "Interesting Drug". In "November Spawned A Monster", he made a few new changes by singing "a symbol of where of all mad lovers must always draw the line" and "in the clothes that she went out and stole for herself". After that song he sarcastically made fun of his lack of airplay by saying "I know you're really tired of hearing all these songs on MTV and VH1... but there's nothing I can do about that, we'll just have to wait..."

After "Pregnant For The Last Time" the crowd broke into a "Morrissey! Morrissey!" chant again. The man then introduced "That's Entertainment" as being "...written by somebody else". In "Our Frank", one line was changed to "the world may be ending but look I'm still a human". After the performance of his very first single, "Suedehead", Morrissey left the stage followed by his band. They were all cheered back to perform two encores, a cover of T-Rex's "Cosmic Dancer" and Morrissey's own "Disappointed".


An audience recording of fluctuating but overall reasonable quality is circulated on fanmade cd-rs and MP3 files on the internet. The whole concert including the Klaus Nomi intro is usually featured.


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