4 May 1991
Music Hall, Koln (Cologne), Germany

Interesting Drug
Mute Witness
Last of The Famous International Playboys
November Spawned A Monster
Will Never Marry
Sing Your Life
Asian Rut
Pregnant for the Last Time
King Leer
That's Entertainment
Everyday is Like Sunday
Our Frank
Piccadilly Palare
/Cosmic Dancer
This was an excellent but shorter concert because "I've Changed My Plea To Guilty" was dropped from the setlist. Morrissey wasn't very loquacious in front of foreign crowds. He was certainly aware of it and his apology about it was this date's main banter: "I wish I could say something witty in German, but I can't..." He also thanked the fans for being "charming". The fans were very receptive, they broke into chants of Morrissey's name on many occasions.

After "Sing Your Life" Morrissey said "Thank you you're... verrrrry kind... as you know..." Soon after he introduced the yet-to-be-released "Pregnant For The Last Time" with: "This is a new song, called... ppfffftt... 'Pregnant For The Last Time'." "Piccadilly Palare" segued for the first time into the cover of the New York Dolls' "Trash" the way it would from this date well into the middle of the Kill Uncle tour. At the end of the concert, Morrissey removed the shirt he was wearing and threw it into the audience before exiting.


A soundboard recording of unknown origin is widely circulated on a bootleg titled "Battersea Patisserie - Cologne May 1991". The bootleg was first issued on LP, then transfered onto fanmade cd in the late 1990s. The LP is also known under the alternate title "Live In Cologne". The whole set is included.

An audience recording of the full gig is also circulated on VHS and DVD bootlegs, albeit limitedly. This recording can also be found on the internet on torrent sites. The audio from this video recording is also circulated on the internet.


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