29 April 1991
Elysée Montmartre, Paris, France

Interesting Drug
Mute Witness
The Last Of The Famous International Playboys
November Spawned A Monster
Will Never Marry
Sing Your Life
Asian Rut
Pregnant For The Last Time
King Leer
That's Entertainment
I've Changed My Plea To Guilty
Everyday Is Like Sunday
Our Frank
Piccadilly Palare
//Cosmic Dancer
For the second date of the Kill Uncle tour, Morrissey did a few setlist adjustments. "(I'm) The End Of The Family Line" was dropped and "Disappointed" was moved to the end of the show where it would remain for the rest of the tour. "Cosmic Dancer", which had been planned in Dublin but dropped, made its live debut here in Paris.

The concert was a success, but didn't turn into mayhem the way it did in Dublin. Despite greeting the French audience with "Bonjour!", before "Will Never Marry" Morrissey announced "I cannot speak French". When he would return to Paris at the end of the Your Arsenal tour the next year, Morrissey would update that comment by saying "I still cannot speak French".

"Pregnant For The Last Time" and "I've Changed My Plea To Guilty" were yet to be released, so Morrissey introduced them with the lines "This is a new song called 'Pregnant For The Last Time'" and "This song is reasonably new ...all I know is that it's called 'I've Changed My Plea To Guilty'." Before "Piccadilly Palare" he thanked the crowd in French by saying "merci".

Morrissey returned for the encore in a white sequin shirt, a change from the red one he had worn for the main set. The first encore, the New York Dolls cover "Trash", was introduced as "...for the late and great Johnny Thunders". After set closer "Disappointed", Morrissey threw his shirt into the audience and left stage followed by his band.


This concert was recorded by legendary French radio DJ Bernard Lenoir and within a week broadcast on French radio station France Inter. Unfortunately Lenoir commented after each song the way a sports announcer would, something that can get annoying, whether the listener understands French or not.

This great quality FM recording can be found on a few bootlegs, the oldest being the "Posing In Paris" bootleg LP. It features the whole set minus "Sing Your Life", "Asian Rut", "King Leer" and "Our Frank" which were broadcast, but just not included on the LP.

That LP was reissued on a manufactured cd under the title "Sings His Life". However fans might prefer "It Was A Good Lay" which features the whole setlist and has most DJ interventions edited out. The downside however is that many songs have sound glitches and cuts in them, something that can be annoying after a while.

"It Was A Good Lay" is commonly found on file sharing networks on the internet. "Posing In Paris"/"Sings His Life" is also circulated, but much scarcer. A recording of the full concert is also circulated on the internet, without the glitches from "It Was A Good Lay", but still including radio DJ Bernard Lenoir's comments between songs.


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