30 January 2008
Doncaster (UK), The Dome

How Soon Is Now?
The Last Of The Famous International Playboys
I Just Want To See The Boy Happy
Stop Me If You Think You've Heard This One Before
That's How People Grow Up
Billy Budd
Something Is Squeezing My Skull
Stretch Out And Wait
I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris
Sister I'm A Poet
Life Is A Pigsty
Irish Blood, English Heart
All You Need Is Me
The World Is Full Of Crashing Bores
Why Don't You Find Out For Yourself?
Mama Lay Softly On The Riverbed
The Loop
Death Of A Disco Dancer
/First Of The Gang To Die
After two and a half cancelled dates Morrissey resumed this leg of his Greatest Hits tour. The show wasn't the highlight of the tour, but it went down better than most people feared. Morrissey was in great spirits and appeared to be enjoying himself. His voice was still shaky at times, but overall quite good. He was understandably not as talkative than he was known to be at the time. It must be said that on some occasions his attempts at banter were simply drowned out by the crowd chanting his name. The fans were very welcoming, energetic and at times quite boisterous, but nobody made it onto the stage.

There was no surprise in the setlist. "Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want", which had been reintroduced on the previous date, was not played. It appears that a song planned before "The Loop" was skipped at the last minute, as Morrissey went to his musicians and there was a change of instruments. The song may have been "The National Front Disco".

Moz came on stage holding a black and white picture of himself over his face and announced: "Doncaster... check your watches because... it's that time of the month!" Because of the recent cancellations, people in the front rows kept shouting questions about his health so after "The Last Of The Famous International Playboys" he asked one of the curious "Yes dear friend, what's the question? (fan asks if he's still ill)... Do I look it?" After "I Just Want To See The Boy Happy" he enquired "Could this be ruining your Wednesday? (crowd:no!) It will, stick around..." For some reason he changed one occurrence of the title line in "Stop Me If You Think You've Heard This One Before" to "Stop me if you think that you've heard this blah! before".

New single "That's How People Grow Up" was introduced with the line "In a fit of old fashioned stupidity we have decided to release a new single (crowd cheers)... which is very faint, but that's how people grow up..." In the song Morrissey changed a line to "that's how people throw this". After the song the crowd broke into a loud chant of Morrissey's name. In live performances of "Billy Budd" at the time Morrissey often changed a line from "did you hear they turned me down" to "Thank God they turned me down", but on this date he took this to "Thank Christ they turned me down". After the latter number Morrissey proceeded with the customary introduction of the band: "Leading our (?) if you dare is the formidable Boz Boorer... and the bassist guitar Solomon Walker... who was tied by umbilical cord to Matt Walker... on the electric guitar, Jesse Tobias... and our new genius Kristopher Pooley... and that's Kristopher with a 'K', in case you happen to (?) a stroll and... Did you hear? Did you hear? Something is squeezing my skull..."

The latter part of this band introduction served of course as an introduction to "Something Is Squeezing My Skull", and after the song Morrissey answered someone's question with "What?... 'Something Is Squeezing My Skull'..." In "Stretch Out And Wait" he switched to the song's alternate intro (as heard in the version released on the album "The World Won't Listen"), but he actually twisted it slightly: "Your face I can see, and it's really not bad". Besides the usual lyric changes in that song he also sang "Will the world end in the daytime, I really hope so... or will the world end in the night time, don't ask me I don't know..." Then after the line "and is there any point ever having children", instead of handing the microphone to a fan for an answer, or shout "no!" as he often did, he actually waited for the crowd to shout "no!", then corrected with a loud "yes!". It has been speculated that the reason for this change of mind was the presence of members of his family who had traveled to see his teenage nephew warm up the crowd with his own band Noise Is The Best Revenge.

Morrissey might have thought that "Stretch Out And Wait" should have drawn more applause because he followed its performance with the question "Are you alive?" After "I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris" he just moaned "Oh dear..." In live performances of "Sister I'm A Poet" at the time he usually changed a line to "A plastic bag stranded at the traffic lights, this once was me", but on this date this was changed to "A silly thing stranded at the traffic lights, this once was me". After "Irish Blood, English Heart" he said "Thank you Gregory..." then introduced the next planned number: "This song is called 'All You Need Is Me'... yes, I know! I know!" In the latter song he did the usual live change to "all you can do is stand there and complain about me", then at the next occurrence of that line, he tried the previously unheard "all you can do is sit down and complain about me". He also followed the line "fate has handed it to me", with a shout of "too late!" instead of "whoopee!".

Before going into "The World Is Full Of Crashing Bores" Morrissey announced "Well I have to confess to you that I am absolutely obsessed with Hotten and - but I can't find it anywhere. Where is it?... Do you (?) it doesn't exist... the best things don't... Hotten, Hotten! Hotten!... Am I silly? Think again..." Only a small fraction of the audience knew that Morrissey was talking about Hotten, the fictional Yorkshire market town in British soap opera Emmerdale. After "The World Is Full Of Crashing Bores" Morrissey asked a fan "Have you been away? (fan answers) Where did you go? (fan says 'Mexico') Nice..." He twisted a line in "Why Don't You Find Out For Yourself" to "Some men here, they have a special interest in that thing your career". Then the yet-to-be-released "Mama Lay Softly On The Riverbed" was introduced with the line "If you can bear to progress, this is a new song called 'Mama Lay Softly On The Riverbed'."

When he returned to the stage after a short break for the encore, Morrissey's final significant words to the audience were "Thank you to Girl In A Coma and Noise Is The Best Revenge for... beginning... thank you to you... thank you to me... thank you to Asda..." The crowd loudly sang along with him during opening line "You have never been in love..." in "First Of The Gang To Die", so he shouted "I have!" When he sang "we are the pretty petty thieves", he pointed at people in the audience and shouted "Look! Look!"

"Speedway" was heard at soundcheck, without vocals. It was rumoured the song would be added to the setlist at some point into the tour, but this never happened.


A good-ish audience recording of the complete concert minus the encore has been circulated in digital format on the internet. This is sometimes seen with artwork under the title "Still Ill?... No!". A different audience recording of the complete or near-complete concert has been reported, but this has not made it to common circulation yet.


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