15 October 2007
Salt Lake City (UT), Thanksgiving Point

Stop Me If You Think You've Heard This One Before
Sister I'm A Poet
The Loop
Jack The Ripper
Why Don't You Find Out For Yourself?
Stretch Out And Wait
I Like You
The World Is Full Of Crashing Bores
All You Need Is Me
Billy Budd
Death Of A Disco Dancer
Let Me Kiss You
I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris
One Day Goodbye Will Be Farewell
Shoplifters Of The World Unite
You Have Killed Me
Dear God Please Help Me
How Soon Is Now?
/First Of The Gang To Die
This was an excellent concert, which is no surprise for Salt Lake City. Morrissey sounded fantastic and was very, very chatty. The audience was appreciative. Over the length of the show quite a few fans tried to get on stage. Four of them were successful during the encore.

The setlist was slightly scrambled and the following songs returned: "Stop Me If You Think You've Heard This One Before", "Let Me Kiss You", "You Have Killed Me" and "Dear God Please Help Me". To make space for these, "In The Future When All's Well", "Human Being", "Irish Blood, English Heart" and "I Will See You In Far Off Places" were temporarily dropped.

Because the venue looked like a barn Morrissey's first words to the audience were "Welcome to the petting zoo!" After "The Loop" (or another title played before or after) he said the song was "...for all you aficionados". After "Jack The Ripper" a fan shouted "You didn't sing the third verse!" He replied "Not true, not true dear friend, that just isn't true..." and then turned to his favourite fan Julia and told her it wasn't true. Around that point he also said "I've been banned in 12 states... for cruelty to humans...." He mentioned his opening act Kristeen Young and said something cryptic about him having taught her how to speak. When he introduced his musicians he said that Boz was the entree, that someone else was the main course, someone else the dessert, someone else the chaser, etc.

As mentioned above Morrissey was very talkative throughout the show, but he was particularly more so with fans in the front rows. The most memorable conversation he had on this date was with a young boy. Morrissey asked him his age, he answered that he was eight years old and Morrissey replied "Me too". The kid later threw his small yellow shirt on stage. Morrissey asked was it was, this small thing on the floor. He lifted it, asked if it was for him, looked at it, said it was too small for him but asked if he could keep it, then placed it on the drum rise. By the end of the show the boy had gotten his shirt back, signed by Boz. A female fan had a sign that said "Moz it's my birthday can I have your shirt?" Morrissey asked her "How old are you today?", she answered "26", and he retorted "26? That's a serious age... It's all downhill from here..." Another fan told Morrissey that he had been at the Palladium shows and that he had traveled all the way from L.A. to Utah to see him. Then Morrissey asked Julia for some "wise words" and she thanked him for singing. Morrissey asked another fan "Are we close to Ogden?" (a town in Utah). One fan threw a cloth sign on stage which Morrissey caught, then sent back to the fan while saying "take it!"

"The World Is Full Of Crashing Bores" was introduced by Morrissey mentioning for the benefit of anyone who didn't know what is outside of Utah, that the world was full of crasing bores. He might have made a comment about Rolling Stone magazine at this point. Before "Death Of A Disco Dancer" he said how glad he was that Tony Blair was not Prime Minister of Britain anymore and added something about the current American president: "Next year the munchkin will be gone... And believe me, if you travel, believe me, the whole world - not just Utah - the whole world will be relieved..." Following "One Day Goodbye Will Be Farewell" he said "That song was called 'One Day Goodbye Will Be Farewell' and it's about... well, do you even care? (crowd: yes!)... Alright then..." He looked like he was going to say what he had been meaning to, but instead just went into the next planned song. At some point he said "Dare you enjoy yourselves? Dare you?" He also said something about keeping Utahns tied and drugged up in the back, and that they were enjoying it.


A recording of "Why Don't You Find Out For Yourself" from this date was released in 2008 as a b-side on one of the two different "That's How People Grow up" 7" singles.


No audio or video recording of this show are to be found on bootlegs at this point in time.


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